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  1. That is my hope that with this mod I can keep C&C alive at least in some way. My computer hates ArmA III (I can play it at low-settings and get relatively decent FPS, but meh) and people have pretty much deserted ArmA II. I'm trying to mod a game that most anybody can play on their computer and I'm surprised there are as many people as there are playing as it is. Soon I'll have a new trailer edited and posted on my second YouTube channel under my RL name, but I might just make a YT profile dedicated to only C&C Brotherhood Rising and its updates. It's a shame that Tib-Genesis is pretty much nonexistent and I kinda wish he had more people he sent the mod to as a backup. I would have so loved to start in the TibSun era at least a little bit, but Dawn has been pretty easy to deal with thus far in terms of basic vehicle assets and weapons, so I can't complain too much. The generosity of the community has helped me greatly with the progress I have now. Maybe Macser will come back and help finish up with buildings, but I highly doubt it as his main works in OFP/CWA right now are his Star Wars mod and the CW40k mod (not complaining, these mods have been pretty great, actually and the way he got that AT-AT to work is amazing. Maybe the same workaround he used there could apply to a Mammoth MKII). I'm hoping to have an NPC of Kane as a selectable character soon. Though a custom model would be much better than a reskinned bald civilian sporting an M9 Beretta. lol Maybe Renegade quality? I wouldn't mind that, actually. Might look good in this engine.
  2. Yes, indeed this is the same mod (and person) I am talking about.
  3. I'll have to try it out. Thanks to a few members of that community, I've learned a lot of coding (still have a ways to go) for this engine in particular, so I'm going to have to tweak things with the texture and maybe the gravity that effects the "laser". Sometimes the engine is a bit touchy when it comes to modding (one wrong / somewhere or a misplaced ; and you end up having a pretty bad day sometimes). Someone reported to me that there was a problem with the T-55 for the Libyans on the texture not showing up, so I'm going to have to figure out the bug there (I'd suggest placing a normal T-55 from OPFOR side if you want to maybe try and "recreate" the Nikoomba mission from Nod's campaign (certainly there's enough stuff to make a more, for the lack of a better term, "realistic" approach to Nod's missions in Libya instead of them using GDI's equipment). There use to be a TibSun-era mod run by a man named Sentry and unfortunately after they started shifting their focus to "ArmA: Armed Assault" or "Arma: Combat Operations", he kinda vanished. Hasn't visited BIS forums since 2006. Wow, that seems along time ago now... but when I get to the TibSun era, I have very few models and...well, my modeling skills are quite lacking. More of a reskinner and coder type of guy, y'know? I was hoping to have it like this: TibDawn ---> Renegade (Late Tib-Dawn) ---> TibSun & FS ---> TibWars (with a few creative liberties to kinda keep it the same sort of mood as TibSun, maybe). Thank goodness it's still in beta. Lots of things to iron out! Thanks for the interest guys. Helps knowing people are following the work. Peace through power!
  4. Thanks! Unfortunately I think that's a limitation with the engine regarding, well...every weapon. The laser itself is a projectile (as you can see gravity effecting it). If I find a way to make the "laser" beam effect to stay longer, I'll post an update about it. A hopefully longer trailer of the mod will be made soon showing off all the buildings and the weapons. Thanks for the feedback everyone. I'll have to talk with the BIS community about the engine's possibilities. There's a lot of workarounds for the game as is for most other mods. The Real Virtuality engine can still pull off a lot of cool things regardless, so maybe I can figure out some things.
  5. Firstly, thanks for the replies everyone! @Jeod - the models and textures are primarily made by Macser. I guess he really wanted to bake the textures like that in Blender. He said I could edit the textures and configs anyway I want, so I might just do that and add some rust/wear here and there. For now they're primarily "factory" condition. Thanks for the feedback. Also the Harvesters were originally made by a guy named Stu and it had a lot of glaring problems, so Macser remodeled them and gave them fresh textures. I might go back in and edit the textures to give it a more gritty look. @TeamWolf - my plans were to start with Tiberian Dawn and slowly make my way to Tiberium Wars (even with this, I want to make the connection with TS and FS), and almost completely exclude C&C 4 (for obvious reasons). Then I was going to go down the Red Alert timeline a bit. Just to try and include people who love those universes. Also a lot of people like Generals, so I was planning on also doing that and Zero Hour at some point. The only reason the Obelisk is so red and hurts the eyes is probably because I had my saturation in-game a bit too high and was using a post-processing extension for my game's application. But maybe I can edit his red on the defensive structure down a bit - I don't know. I wish I could please everybody, but in-game it already works really well and I doubt he'll go back to this mod any time soon to help with further buildings. As much as I would have loved the little slits in the front of the Obelisk like in TD, I think the LED charge up bars serve their purpose. Here's the video.
  6. Hello my brothers and sisters of the C&C fandom! I have been working on a mod with some of the best modders of the Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis/Arma Cold War Assault community. Macser has done a good majority of the modeling you see here. Here's the main site for the mod: https://cncbrotherhoodrising.wordpress.com/ I need to update the downloads section with the latest version, which I just .zip'd up here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/e4xpl3wtjrkbagv/%40CNCBR-beta3.zip?dl=0 I figured I'd share my love for C&C in my own way here. It's still a major work in progress, so keep that in mind. I also just recently added in Tiberium Vinifera and Cruentus patches. All Tiberium glows at night in-game too, so yay! Hoping to eventually script in damage to infantry over time in the future. I'm also hoping to get some TS stuff into the mod soon. The community has released a Titan and a Juggernaut, but I still need to find the people who made it and ask permission to edit those for my mod. Any feedback is welcome for those who own OFP:CWC v 1.99/Cold War Assault. For those who have the game, the install instructions are relatively simple. Just drag @CNCBR into the main game's directory. To launch the game with the mod, edit your shortcut. It would likely look like this: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Bohemia Interactive\Arma Cold War Assault\ColdWarAssault.exe" -mod=@CNCBR For OFP it'd look like this: "C:\Program Files\Codemasters\Operation Flashpoint\FLASHPOINTRESISTANCE.exe" -mod=@CNCBR Hope you all like what you see!
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