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Found 4 results

  1. Hello my brothers and sisters of the C&C fandom! I have been working on a mod with some of the best modders of the Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis/Arma Cold War Assault community. Macser has done a good majority of the modeling you see here. Here's the main site for the mod: https://cncbrotherhoodrising.wordpress.com/ I need to update the downloads section with the latest version, which I just .zip'd up here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/e4xpl3wtjrkbagv/%40CNCBR-beta3.zip?dl=0 I figured I'd share my love for C&C in my own way here. It's still a major work in progress, so keep that in mind. I also just recently added in Tiberium Vinifera and Cruentus patches. All Tiberium glows at night in-game too, so yay! Hoping to eventually script in damage to infantry over time in the future. I'm also hoping to get some TS stuff into the mod soon. The community has released a Titan and a Juggernaut, but I still need to find the people who made it and ask permission to edit those for my mod. Any feedback is welcome for those who own OFP:CWC v 1.99/Cold War Assault. For those who have the game, the install instructions are relatively simple. Just drag @CNCBR into the main game's directory. To launch the game with the mod, edit your shortcut. It would likely look like this: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Bohemia Interactive\Arma Cold War Assault\ColdWarAssault.exe" -mod=@CNCBR For OFP it'd look like this: "C:\Program Files\Codemasters\Operation Flashpoint\FLASHPOINTRESISTANCE.exe" -mod=@CNCBR Hope you all like what you see!
  2. Hey everyone! It's been a long while since the last update, but here's a new one to stop those AR blues. Plus, we simply couldn't have APB and TSR releasing new updates without us! We missed the boat on posting an update last month, so here's a new one to cover January and February! We've done a fair amount of work (or rather danpaul88, dtrngd and ChAoS have) since the last time we updated! Here's what the team have been up to recently: One Winged Angel recently turned 23. He's still a handsome devil though. dtrngd has been working on AR's presets recently and there have been a lot of updates for the testers to play with, but now he's moved his attention onto Reborn, so that a playable build can be constructed. fear not Rebornites! your game is in very good and capable hands! danpaul88 has been working on loads of great new scripts; some of which are demonstrated and explained in this update! ChAoS has been rigging weapons using the new first person hands; a cool video of that is on show below. BogdanV has been modelling bits and pieces, but has a fair bit of University work that has been getting in the way. The rest of the team has been up to various bits and bobs. Beta 2 Gameplay Footage danpaul88 has recently posted this video on the BHP youtube channel which shows lots of lovely Beta 2 gameplay! Watch Grizzly, IFV and Harrier rushes on South Pacific as well as some infantry action on Rocky Pass and capturing structures on Freezing Straits! Not much else to say about this one, so enjoy the video! New First Person Rigs ChAoS has been hard at work rigging the weapons up in first person! Once we get enough weapons into the game, we can transition over from the old renegade rig to our new shiny rig! The problem with the Renegade skeleton is that it's old and quite simple compared to what we could potentially do. so what we have done (or rather what Eggman891 has done) is create a rig for a new set of hands that has a lot more joints in it; this way, we can produce better animations that look nicer. It's only an aesthetic change, but it does affect the whole first-person mode of the game, so we're going to make sure it's done right. :)In the future we could potentially create more hand types and every infantry could have their own set of hands, but that's a maybe. Check out the video below where ChAoS runs through some of the weapons that he's completed using the new rig. Conquest Mode AI As well as playing the game, danpaul88 has also been coding up a storm recently. We should have really called this the Janbruary Update: danpaul88 and ChAoS edition! Anyway, back to the news at hand. a new AI objective system has been written up so that bots can actually play various game-modes! Why is this important? It's important because it means we can put bots on any map that we want to and have them play entire games out by themselves (in the simplest form). For example, a SEAL will be able to work out that infantry are more important to shoot than tanks, but he won't be smart enough to place C4 on weakpoints. In the past, bots needed waypoints that they could follow like a trail of breadcrumbs around the map, but now we can auto-generate our pathfinding data, give a bot an objective and they'll find their own way to achieve it. This is currently how our miners work, which is incredibly easy for mappers to setup and is incredibly flexible if we want to do multiple ore fields (se the next segment for more on that). The key points concerning this new AI is that it's based on two simple concepts; offence and defence. An offensive AI will swear at you loudly and show you his arse prioritise attacking over defending and will also decide what to attack based on it's unit-type. I.e. A Rhino Tank will look for other tanks to attack when assaulting a position, whilst a Navy SEAL will always prefer to attack infantry. Defensive AIs will prioritise defending over attacking and can be assigned to defend key targets. Just captured an oil derrick? No problem; some Grizzly tanks will move in to defend it for you. This could also be used for maps where defending the ore miners are key; so each miner could have an escort of a couple of tanks when moving out into the battlefield to harvest more. Objectives are also unit-type based depending how suitable they are for certain units. To test this new AI out, danpaul88 set up a test game of conquest mode to find out if it was capable of playing an entire game by itself. The results were good! All of the documentation for this new AI can be found here: http://doc.tiberiantechnologies.org/scripts.dll/classdp88___a_i___objective.html Re-Growable Ore Fields danpaul88 has worked more magic by creating scripts that will support re-growable ore fields! You heard it right! This basically means that ore fields will shrink as they are harvested by miners. Then when the field is fully depleted, the miner will move onto the next field (and yes the AI is equipped to do this on it's own). If a field is depleted, but it has an Ore Extractor, the ore will regrow over time; so an ore field that gets depleted at the start of the game, might become a source of income again nearer the end! So now we have the potential to create maps that start with a small field of ore or gems close by that will get depleted, thus making the miner search for alternate sources later on into the game. This will give a massive C&C-feel to the game which will hopefully get everyone buzzing with nostalgia! The documentation for these scripts are public, so feel free to check them out below! Ore Field Script: http://doc.tiberiantechnologies.org/scripts.dll/classdp88___ore___field.html Ore Extractor Script: http://doc.tiberiantechnologies.org/scripts.dll/classdp88___ore___field___drill.html Misc. Other News In other news this update, here's a list of other things that we've been up to: The doors of the War Factory are actually targetable now. this means that shooting them will do damage the building itself! Dawnblaze has been working on the %5Burl=%5Burl=]Soviet Spy Plane[/url], but it's not quite ready yet. The new Rocketeer physics are ingame! This means that when you deploy the rocket pack now the Rocketeer should fly like a proper VTOL with a lot less lag! We tried giving Crazy Ivan a grenade-type weapon to make him more effective against infantry, but now we've removed it in favour of a more RA2-style small sticky bomb. We're working on getting parachuting reinforcements into the game. When you lose your War Factory, extra vehicles will be parachuted down to you. We might even be able to parachute down weapons and equipment for when the barracks is lost as well. The Engineer IFV now repairs continuously instead of in bursts. This has made it a much better vehicle! Rand00m Something for Zelda fans. Something for Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter fans. Aaaaaand something for C&C fans. Fini See you next time guys and gals!
  3. Welcome to this November/Movember update comrades! We're celebrating this month of growing charitable facial hair by dedicating this update to the man with the most face fuzz in Red Alert 2! You guessed it; it's General Vladimir! Anyway, here's what those scoundrels on the AR team have been doing recently: - OWA grew a moustache for charity (pictures to follow), he's also been working on the Conscript model. - dtrngd has been working on optimizing the base buildings so that they don't lag the game out. He's currently working on a quick fix using LOD, but they will be VIS'd later. - danpaul88 has been working on some Conquest mode scripts. This is essentially a Battlefield-style mode where teams compete to control points on the map. Captured points means more score for your team. The first team to reach the target score wins! - ChAoS has been working on the weapon hand rigs. Check them out in this update! - Ric has been working on the internals for the Air Force Command HQ. We've got a great idea on what we're going to do with this structure and it should prove to be one of the most exciting interiors yet! - Dawnblaze has been working on updating BogdanV's spy plane model and getting it ready to unwrap. - Romanov has been modelling a Javelin missile launcher for the Guardian GI Tester Recruitment Open! The wait is over ladies and gentlemen! We are now hiring testers to playtest all three of BHP's games; AR, APB and TSR Either fire an email off to bluehellproductions@gmail.com or pm either Chronojam, One Winged Angel or Wallywood on the forums and tell us why you think you'd make an awesome tester! Good luck to you all! Soviet Conscript But this guy was done! Why are you re-making him again?! The short answer? He was literally too short. This meant his neck bent in the wrong place which looked pretty weird. Also some new references were found and the model was corrected to fit them. One Winged Angel has been making these updates, since this is his pet project. This is the best version of the conscript yet and should prove to be the final model. Please Note: On the second image the shoulder pads have been removed because they clip through the arms, however this will be remedied when the character is rigged, since the arms will fold down instead of being stuck in a T pose. Also, the coat hasn't been modelled over the legs yet. This is still very much a work in progress. Javelin Launcher Romanov has been modelling a Javelin launcher for the Guardian GI. w were originally going to go with an AT4, then an SMAW, but now we've finally settled on the Javelin launcher; partly due to the GGI's weapon in rules.ini being called JavelinMissile. He's made a great start on this and the model is about ready to unwrap now! ACHQ Update Ric has been working on the interior for the Air Force Command HQ! This structure will be where you'll need to go if you want to fly a Harrier or get para-dropped out of a plane (USA only). The structure will have several rooms above ground, along with a large underground basement where the Harriers will be built. There will be four elevators which will correspond to the four landing pads; so that when you build a Harrier, it will be brought up to the ground level from the basement. Here are a few pictures! ChAoS's rigging progress ChAoS has been rigging up the weapons in first person view with a little help from Eggman891. these use the new hand rig that was going to be in APB until the project was put on hold for some reason. These new weapon poses will preally help to define AR as it's own game and pull it away from Renegade even more! Kudos to ChAoS for taking on this job because it's tricky to get right and he's doing a great job! Take a look at the rigs for the MP5, the Beretta and the Electric Drill! You may be wondering about the HUD that is shown in those screenshots. It is a HUD made by Deathlink6.0 of the RenegadeX team, but has been modified by Soulhunter to work with Scripts 4.0 and therefore AR. We plan to tweak it for our own use later on, but thanks goes out to the authors of this cool HUD for the awesome work they have done! Hopefully they approve of its inclusion in AR! Forum Skin The new forum skin has been given to the testers for bug checking. After the bugs have been squashed it should be rolled out for everyone to use! Here's a reminder of what you'll get when this is rolled out! Random RA2 Corner Some video goodness right here! Battlefield 2 at it's worst best These guys love Battleships Here's a video with some neat cosplay in it. (Fun fact, the Red Engineer that is at the beginning of the video is OWA!) End Drop by next month for some more good stuff!
  4. Welcome one and all to this long and overdue update from us over at the AR team! Despite the gap between our last update and this one, we're still very much alive and kicking. development has been slow this past few months as the team has gone through education, exams and other life events that take away our AR-time from us. Let me just take this opportunity to update you guys on what we've been doing and introduce a couple of new staff members before we hit into the game updates. One Winged Angel has graduated and achieved his wizard's diploma Masters of Engineering degree in Computer Games Design. Applause!! Also a picture of the man himself in some silly clothes. dtrngd has been on holidays but is now back to work. danpaul88 has recently been taken ill. We all wish him a speedy recovery! cfehunter got a placement and is now working as a programmer for a year! BogdanV is back in action and has been working on destruction animations for civilian buildings. Destructible cities in my AR? Yes please! (This also means destructible bridges too by the way). Eggman891 is going to work with ChAoS to bring good quality first person arms to AR. This means no more Rene-arms! Chevy787 has been taking a break, but will be back to work when he has time again. Guy with a wrench has gone missing. Teamwolf's been working on Isle of War, but he's also been having a lot of success with Battle For Dune: War of Assassins! The rest of the team has been busy with other things. New team members Let's give a warm welcome to TWO new members in the BHP family: Byamarro and Deik10 (formerly known as Silverlight)! Byamarro is here to do general texturing work. This is excellent since we were in desperate need of such an artist! Deik10 has joined to help us with various graphics, such as the Main Menu, the Sidebar, Help screens and so on. These great team additions should speed up our work a little bit and should bring more stuff to show you guys in the coming blogs too, so stay tuned! Game Updates Ever since dtrngd has gotten his hands over the main game build, he's been doing a lot of Level Edit work. Here are the main points he has changed since the Beta 1 test build: New Points System The points system was giving just as much score as veterancy points, which turned out to be extremely unbalanced during the test games. It has been completely revamped and should prove much better. Veterancy Upgrades The upgraded weapons of veteran/elite units have become more powerful, not to mention elite units now acquire their X-Treme weapon, which pack much more firepower than the previous elite upgrades, each with a special addition (for example, double-shell for Grizzly tanks) Here's a full list of what a promotion gives you in the current test build: Veteran Rank *15% faster reload (vehicles) *15% increased range (infantry) *15% better accuracy (spray weapons) *15% more damage dealt *15% resistance against all warhead types Elite Rank *15% faster reload (vehicles)(Note: vehicles with double shell upgrade get the regular reload time back.) *25% increased range (infantry) *25% better accuracy (spray weapons) *25% more damage dealt *25% resistance against all warhead types *Special weapon upgrade (surprise for players ) *Explosive splash damage added (rockets and tank shells) *Health + armour regeneration Battle Fortress When One Winged Angel was doing his masters thesis, he wanted it to tie in to Apocalypse Rising in some way, so when it turned out that he was doing an investigation into team-based multiplayer vehicles, the Battle Fortress was an obvious choice. In AR, the Battle Fortress will be a major threat for the soviets to contend with on the battlefield, but only if the Allies have the teamwork to utilise it's full potential. This behemoth is only armed with a machine gun when only one person is making use of it, so more players have to commit themselves to give the vehicle a wider range of potential. We're expanding the amount of abilities that the Battle Fortress has in AR, compared to RA2. That means that infantry units that had no special weapons inside a Battle Fortress will (within reason); this gives the vehicle a potential support role. Want a bigger repair vehicle? Just put 5 engineers into a Battle Fortress and repair all of your team-mates as they head into battle. You may have seen the vehicle model already on Teamspeak or Facebook, but here it is in all it's glory. dtrngd will be putting this ingame when he gets the model, so it may appear as a special crate unit in the debut release. Dolphin Ketsi is a university friend of One Winged Angel's, who specialises in modelling all sorts of organic creatures. She made the Giant Squid that was shown in the last update and has since made us an awesome Dolphin (his name is Lumpy) to counter it! We decided to take more of an inspiration from RA3 with the Dolphin, since it's RA2 incarnation hadn't really got any decent art references for us to work from. The Dolphin will be really effective at countering Giant Squids. Unlike units such as the Terror Drone and Robot Tank, that are pilot-less, the Dolphin will not be remote controlled. When you purchase a Dolphin, you will spawn in the water and become it. Here's a render of the Allies' flippery friend, Lumpy the Dolphin! Soviet Barracks update Work was halted a while ago on this structure when our former texture artist, TheBeerinator moved over to our sister project, A Path Beyond to help with their paint jobs. But now that Byamarro is with us, he and dtrngd resumed work on the Soviet Barracks internals. Here are a few images of the latest changes: Purchase Icons Deik10 has already jumped into deep water, he is working on the sidebar graphics. Here's a sample of his first attempt at the IFV and V3 Launcher purchase icons: Forum Skins The forum skins we've had on this new forum, haven't really been very C&C-ish, so One Winged Angel has set about making some new ones. He's made an excellent start on a replica of the old A Path Beyond forum skin which will hopefully be rolled out publically soon. This will follow with a Reborn skin, an AR skin, a BHP skin an possibly some faction specific skins as well. Let us know if you have an idea for a skin and we'll consider it, but for now, here's the APB skin in all it's new-old glory. Recruitment We have a shiny new recruitment image! Feel free to spam it around to support AR and help us finish the game faster! AR Team's Funny Corner <center><iframe width="640" height="360" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/68ceVELA-VA" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen=""></iframe> 4 Year Old Calls 911 For MATH HELP!! <iframe width="640" height="360" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/QxcCC2g1Ke0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen=""></iframe> Police academy guy does electric guitar with his VOICE o_O</center> Grand Finale We're going to hopefully try and squeeze out a new update once a month, so watch this space!
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