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  1. We fixed it NoSoldier removing and Reinstalling win framework beyond 4.7.1 Thanks a bunch to him and his contacts It's mostlikely a pirate win framework service error Now we know how to fix it.
  2. ''W3D Hub Launcher has stopped working'' Every time i update the launcher it's not run-able Im using all AMD win7. Im not sure how it fixed itself last time i believe with another update But now every (nearly) Every update it keeps giving me this message. Does anyone else have the problem? I hope its fixed
  3. 1. I apologized for that while there isnt any right position for me to paste it in, Apologizing for short commings that are not mine. 2. Your full of ''non sense'' Never team hampered infact you team hampered me. (as we both know), you didnt even qkick me untill i told you what i was doing. You muted me when i told you i tested my concepts and i left the next map. << this guy... 3. your full of ''non sense'' 4. Not getting more immature over your ''non sense''
  4. I couldnt find a bann/mute section so there for am pasting it here. Ecuse me if its in-appropriate. I have been muted for telling the admin my structures did not team hamper. I build bridges nexto bar to make a road around the base above the wall to defend from. Many times i created this without making the bridge as base lvl intersect with bar. This time i did not prevent it because i had already tested if it hinders any Barracks spawners in any way. It did not. There for i took the quicker root to getting a ''highway'' road up. Sadly a moderator named: ROZPIERDALATOR (whos also eager to afk kick without checking trough pms, amongst other things ive heard.) Sadly he muted me after he told me with an AFK kick : Kicked for th go consider your mistakes. I rejoined and told him in all chat i did not team hamper and checked it it hinderred new Barracks spawner in any way. And that it did not. After showing him this correction about '' theam hamper'' / (th) In all chat he mtued me for.... defending myself or something. He clearly is a bad moderator for multiple reasons. Aside from this i (may be ahrd to believe) But i valleu my name Timeeeeey. Please unmute me under that name ingame , Thank you for your time. Btw it might be handy to add a Bann / mute section. If you need records of the moment in question im able to provide.
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