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  1. I am having an issue in Interim Apex, where i am unable to connect to the Official Server. It gives me an error, Resource Manager Error, after attempting to download map files. i had the same issue before on another PC about a year ago. but i managed to fix it by running the game as Admin. i have since gotten a new PC, and after installing, Interim Apex, i get the same issue, however i am unable to fix it this time. If anyone has ideas or knows how to fix this, please help me out!
  2. Thanks Kaskins for the Help! I figured out what my issue was. I only needed to run InterimApex.exe as admin and now it works perfectly.
  3. Hi Kaskins, It's the official server for sure, not the test server, and I am attempting to join using the w3d launcher. This will come off as a dumb question I'm sure, but do I require the Renegade base game to run Interim Apex? I know that TSR and APB do not require it, but I couldn't find it anywhere saying if I actually need Renegade to run it or not. (Edit: I have just tested local lan games and they seems to work fine. I have even tested maps that the server displayed as currently being played. the error only occurs when attempting to join the server.)
  4. I just downloaded Interim Apex, and every time I try to join the server, it gives me this error; Resource Manager Error Failed to download required packages. The game will be left. Please try to rejoin. Can any one help me out?
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