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  1. This is the problem: daily harassment by a mod and they are asked to stop and you to something else. This is useless, look or bother to answer more because I'm not going to read you. END if roz insult me me too.
  2. make no mistake, the problem has been created by us, what you are telling me, I don't care. but roz as a mod you have to know how to speak things not to be insulting if you understand ... No, yes, if I speak and are you laughing too, or don't you want to understand it?
  3. It seems great to me, we did not know that going out and letting the other in is illegal, ok, that's new. NOW AS I TELL YOU THAT WE ARE INSULTED, don't tell me stories that are faced with that? wait, I'll tell you NOTHING ... Since you are not helping us, stop saying more than we already know and thanks for the help, which is none, so in my respect the insult or exchange of unpleasant words is legal, am I wrong? Or are you going to change the subject again?
  4. I respect your opinion as they should respect the fact that two people want to play together I do not see abuse anywhere and we are deviating from the subject that is the continuous daily harassment and insults to which they subject us and we ask that they end. I will make sure that we always touch us in one way or another to play together and always legally, so do not worry (so far we have never broken any rules). What I will never tolerate is that on the part of a person and less of a Mod "TemporaryName" is that they insult me and Limado in general and in private and do not say things with shitty Spaniards and more ..... I do not tolerate the abuse of power, I hope now if it has become clear why we are upset.
  5. Filing is one of the best games, what happens is that you are envious of him ... I find it very funny when he changes nicknames and plays and you without knowing what he wants is filed (sorry but it makes me laugh) help him, donate and They play like a great team, now what is the problem? Limado and Elyspain (nicks) ....
  6. Leave us alone friend. Ofcourse because all day insult to me is tired or you wannt all days insult to you..
  7. You look bad, really bad you have no class, who is attacking you, I already said what you are and how you behave, learn to accept your mistakes and stop accusing others of your gaffes, which are numerous and mkadura that to my mke you speak with respect not like a girl ok, it is clear to you. and here want change all people (with swap).... and team is balance.
  8. We really get past you, put whatever you want, we are not denying it, we want to play together for something, we are friends, yes, friends, not what you tell us, in short, we are going to put your insults aside and if we do not retire together we will in mpf ... but I think that getting like you do because we play well as a team is already jealous and envious, leave us alone friend.
  9. How little education you have and what a child you are.
  10. i Many in the game change teams, I don't want to name names because I've been playing for many years and when I say a lot it's from the beginning. If a certain character had not complained about the squads there would not be this problem that is only with Limado And with me ..... not with others who change to play together ok. I have captures of many swaps from other players ok. So many years playing and there have been problems and disagreements but the behavior of one in particular as a moderator is undoubtedly epic. Insults and the rules are invented in his favor, when he does not like the map he removes it, when the rest wants to remove it and we start a vote, he deactivates it and leaves the map. Anyway, if I take a punishment, the most fair thing is that this moderator is also punished. I think that at this point I don't even have to say who he is, but in case there is any doubt ROZPIERDALATOR. 👍 There are days that I don't even feel like playing on that server because of his bad treatment together with his two friends who insult us, that's fine .....
  11. mi amooor tirame una señaaaaaaal :clap:


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