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  1. Thank you! Turns out I just didn't have Script 4.6 installed when I thought I did! Installing that fixed the problem Sorry for the trouble! Have good night
  2. My game crashes the moment I try to boot it up for Multiplayer. Whether I click Join game on a server, or just click Play Now on the W3D Launcher (Singleplayer seems to work fine though.) When I click either Join game or play now, it boots the game up, briefly flashes the main menu, before opening a "Testing Bandwith" window. If I leave it alone, it breifly flashes "Joining game" but then just crashes. If I click skip, it briefly goes to the main menu, and then crashes. I closest thing to a modification I have is Bibber's fixed Ultimate Collection launchers, and the .exe is running in Compatibility Mode for Windows XP SP3. There are no other modifications. I can't send a crash log, because the folder they're supposed to be in doesn't seem to exist?? If I go to Documents>W3D Hub there's only a Launcher Folder, with an errors.log that I know doesn't relate to my situation, but I'll send it here anyway. The Launcher says the files needed will be made next time I launch the game (Because whenever I try clicking User Data Folder, it tells me the filepath doesn't exist) , but I literally can't launch the game in multiplayer to make said filepath, and Singleplayer doesn't make the files. So I'm kind of at a lose of what to do. I really don't think it's my Computer specs, if it's required to know: I'm on Windows 10 with a 2TB HDD, and a 240 GB SSD (The launcher's installed on the SSD, the game's installed on the HDD with Origin) I have a Radeon RX 580 GPU, with a Ryzen 7 1700x CPU, with 4 Sticks of 4GB DDR4 3000MHz Memory for RAM. The weirdest part to me is that while Base Renegade doesn't work, Red Alert: APB Seems to work perfectly fine errors.log
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