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Found 1 result

  1. Greetings old investigators! Your success in defusing the tensions over the July crisis have managed to reach the history books and are known to have delayed the outbreak of the war by a month. While you were still doing all kinds of administrative jobs, a follow-up crisis over Vojvodina, where the Serbian government pushed the weakened Austro-Hungarian government for the release of lands inhabited by Serbs, blew up and started a global war on the 4th of August 1914. The war would last until 1919, and in some cases, 1921. The resulting Treaties of Versailles ensured that a war like this could never again. At least, that was the intention. The year is now 1936 and the prospect of retaining the everlasting peace as set by the Treaties of Versailles has now become uncertain: revangist states are waiting for the moment to strike, many nations face ideological and political dilemmas, an empire has become overstreched and planet earth is about to face the worst economic disaster in recorded history. Another global war is coming. The only questions are: when will it happen and who will be fighting on what side? Right then, that intro should set the tune for now and shouldn't provide any real spoilers unless you recognise a few bits here and there. In any case, on to the point of this thread! After the successful July Crisis game Voe and I hosted last year, we've been meaning to do a sequal. And we will do a sequal around the summer holidays. However, you will be able to choose which game you'd like to play this time around. All games will feature similar features to those found in the July Crisis: Items, different roles, some sort of tension or stability meter, investigation reports, sneaky if indentifyable mechanics, fun references, etc. However, we will also expand a bit on the game mechanics, including an as of yet hidden end-game mechanic that will apply to all games. What games can you choose from? Well, look no further! The Haute-Savoy Crisis The Haute Savoy Crisis is the least complex game and is the easiest to develop and balance. It is the closest to the original in that it focusses on finding evidence and preventing a hostile France from taking Haute-Savoy, which currently falls under a Swiss mandate. Will Switzerland prevail against the French giant? Features: Easy to learn game mechanics A referendum mechanic to boost certain aspects of the Swiss team, or the French one, depending on the results Many different outcomes, for better or worse Items and personal traits Evidence and item locker Ausgleich '37 In Ausgleich '37 we return to Central Europe and the Balkans. The Austro-Hungarian Empire has been going through a tough time since the end of the war. It needs reforms and Emperor Karl I knows it. He failed during the ausgleich of 1927 and fears that failing again would mean the end of the empire. Of course, such a moment of weakness will not go unnoticed and Austria's enemies are lurking from afar. Will Austria-Hungary finally fall? Or will Karl the 1st be able to reform the empire and show the world the true power of a unified Austria-Hungary? Features: Slightly more difficult to learn game mechanics than Haute-Savoy A more elaborate way to push reforms though the game than the Haute-Savoy crisis A hunt for scum that seek to destroy the empire while finding a way to ensure that your reforms are chosen Mechanics that will allow people to build cases on other players, such cases will be necessary before those players can be fully eliminated by voting (imprisoned/lynched) Return of the item locker and new mechanics related to the item locker The Presidential Election of 1936 The Presidential Election of 1936 is about the political divide in the United States in the wake of the Great Depression and the failure of President Hoover to resolve those issues. A new president will have to be chosen to restore a strong economy in the US. However, the ideological tensions may very well cause the US to collapse into a political crisis or worse if the new President is not able to adress all concerns. Yet even then forces are on the move to realise their own vision of the US... or lack thereof. Features: Most complex game out there A complex political system to see to it that band-aiding the nation is as painful as it should be Backstabbing is the order of the day as objectives vary wildly Winning the election will bring more options for you, but will likely also make you a target Tools for secretly eliminating the most dangerious opposition Please keep in mind that some features might change if Voe and I are not able to balance them well enough. Other than that, go vote! Then Voe and I will be able to fully develop one of these games, which we hope to host somewhere in July. So please, go vote in the poll!
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