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Blog 20 - 1 Year Anniversary

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Hey everyone, as the name suggests it has been one year since we released Tiberian Sun: Reborn! In light of this event we felt it was about time we got another blog out!


Recent Patch



About 2 weeks ago we released a rather large patch that took a little longer than we originally planned with some much needed balance and other fixes. In case you missed the front page post and to refresh everyone's memory, here are the patch notes;


Balance Changes

  • Wolverine slightly faster, has a larger ammo clip and has a higher RoF, but damage reduced slightly. Slight increase in overall DPS
  • Reworked RIOT Troopers elite slug shot (slightly more damage, uses less ammo, more accurate)
  • Slightly reduced speed of the Titan
  • Very slightly toned down damage buff for elite cyborg chaingun
  • Reduced Cyborg Commando and Ghost Stalker weapon damage slightly
  • MkII can no longer be hijacked
  • Reduced damage dealt by the knife (stabbing and throwing) (200->60, 70->45)
  • Increased damage dealt by all pistol weapons (3->4)
  • Changed the way SAM sites work to make the various different versions have their own firing style
  • Slightly toned down Banshee damage
  • Added projectile extensions to Devils Tongue to aid in damaging targets directly in front
  • Reworked Devils Tongue damage to be less particle heavy (less projectiles, more damage per projectile)
  • Increased amount of points retained when switching characters from 60% to 75%
  • Increased veterancy value and requirements for commando units (value: 55 -> 80, requirements: 90/200 -> 130/300)
  • Added small projectile extensions to Plasma Rifle, moved most damage from splash to impact
  • Decreased overall damage done by Plasma Rifle (basic and elite)
  • Changed Nod Rocket Launcher to use the Rocket warhead instead of Shell and increased damage
  • Increased range of GDI AA Missile Launcher, reduced damage
  • Reworked stealth tank to use the Rocket warhead (more effective vs vehicles) and increased its health (180/180 -> 200/200)
  • Reduced Kerubim price to 700 credits
  • Mammoth MkII cannot be hijacked anymore
  • Added a 5 second cooldown between dig / surface transitions for the Sub APC and Devils Tongue
  • Rebalanced infantry speeds;
    • Light infantry, Technician, Engineer, Medic, Jumpjet: 7
    • Umagon, Hijacker: 7.5
    • Toxin Trooper, Spy: 6.5
    • Cyborgs: 5.5
    • All Others: 6
Misc Changes
  • New MSA and MSG effects
  • MSA limited to 2 at a time
  • MSG limited to 3 at a time
  • New model for GDI soldier
  • Fixed tiberium gas clouds for Toxin Trooper weapons
Map Changes
  • TS_Shallows: Beefed up Nod base defences and gave them a tiberium silo to compensate for slower harvester
  • TS_Crossroads: Added a Vulcan turret to the back of the GDI base
  • TS_Under: Added an extra Vulcan turret to the back of the GDI base and some hedgehogs on the island
  • TS_GrandCanyon: Roadworks completed (bridge now usable), added sludge vehicle blockers, fixed some stuck places, fixed a terrain glitch in front of Nod base
  • TS_Freezeover: Removed defences
  • TS_Drought: Removed defences
  • TS_Isles: Added infantry ramps, added vehicle blockers to sludge hill and water tunnel and an extra Vulcan on the right of the GDI base. Alpha blending fixed in Nod tiberium cave
  • TS_Field: Blocker issues fixed
Removed Maps

TS_Field_2 and TS_Tiber have been removed for the time being due to incompatibility with the latest patch. We'll be getting in touch with the authors of those maps and getting them updated as soon as possible and they will be delivered in a hotfix patch as soon as we have them.


Danpaul88 created a feedback topic on the game's balance after the patch. Please feel free to give us your thoughts and opinions on the matter here; https://www.bluehellproductions.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=27869.



One Year Since Release



It has indeed be a year since we released TSR after moving over to BHP, and it's been a very busy year at that. We've released many patches and new content, spent sleepless nights fixing bugs and many hours playing the game that so many people have worked so hard on over the years of production.


I'd like to thank everyone who has enjoyed playing the game over the year and for all the feed back and support this great community has given us. We've had a great time hearing the stories from the frontlines, watching the many many videos on Youtube and reading all the suggestions you guys have given us. So once again thank you and I hope you are all looking forward to many more years to come of Tiberian Sun: Reborn as much as we are!


To celebrate this occasion we are going to get a new map out this month, but more on that to come at later date so wait a see.



What's Next to Come!



The question that most of you are properly thinking now is "So, what's planned for the next patch or 3?". Well as stated above we are going to be working to get Field 2 and Tiber up to date most likely with a small fix patch.

Danpaul and I are finally working on getting a more complete LevelEdit out filled with a full prop library for all you budding mappers out there and an updated building pack as well. I know I said this in the blog back at Christmas but we've been pretty busy with stuff and getting patches out!

Vehicle veterancy is another thing that is next on the list to do now that the infantry veteran system is pretty much where we want it, minus one or two things here and there.

A lot of map changes, mainly improvements to terrain and adding more props to levels plus trying to strengthen that Tiberian Sun feel which some maps seem to lack.


We'll keep you updated when everything comes along more.


The War is Still Going on, Sorry...



The end of this blog just happen but keep on following us here, on Facebook, Twitter, and IndieDB!

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To celebrate this occasion we are going to get a new map out this month, but more on that to come at later date so wait a see.

ooooooooooh TS_Frigid

from that shot alone, looks neat. can't wait for that and other developments!

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Guest Mei Terumi

Hope Fields_2 gets some adjustments such as a fix to the lack of music, and some finishing up on some unfinished terrain modeling here and there. Oh and getting it Light mapped :D

Edited by Mei Terumi
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Looking forward to seeing more map props! Can we get some smaller Tiberium pods/crystals like the small ones on Fields_2?

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Guest gigiben

wait so if im not wrong, you'll release a software that will make everyone capable of building their own map?

because honestly i wouldn't resist building one :D
would be awesome :)

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