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Hello again, time for another short update!

I've been busy doing a lot of isometric drawings:


It's a ham steamer

Here's a retro computer:


A collection of characters


Sort of hard dieselpunk styled



An experimental game art style sprite using some interesting outlining



You're a big guy!


More isometric, this time game terrain tiles. I drew this and the next one while sitting in a cottage on a lake shore in Finland!


Beautiful birch tree :)


A return to a very old theme of mine, steampunk ancient Rome! This is an insula building


Yet more game art, this is a mockup I did to see how quickly I could make a nice looking landscape. This took about a day and uses 7 sprites as well as a bit of terrain painting (water and path). I'd like to make a game one day myself but doing the art is still too time consuming so trying to program on top of this is infeasible at the moment. :( 

Thanks for having a look! Let me know any feedback!

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It's been ages and I've only done a few small practice pieces since the last dump, but here they are:

Hack Frauds

The guys from red letter media! I've always been trying to get better at more stylised portraits so this was a lot of fun


Landscape SurveyA scrubby hill

A couple of small landscapes


MedicMedic Redraw

I went back and redrew a very old picture of mine, some improvement!



More portrait practice!


The lost crew

More portraits and a tank for a small game I've been making!


Finally, I have some sprites I can show from my retro-futuristic RPG game I've been working on as well



You can probably tell it's set in a somewhat run-down england...



Until next time!

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