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File Submission Guidelines


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The new file system, powered by IP.Downloads, is now live! The power is now in your hands to upload your custom files, mods, audio, maps and textures for Red Alert: A Path Beyond and Tiberian Sun: Reborn!


Here's a quick overview of the categories that we have currently implemented.

  • W3D Hub - Contains useful programs and tools that will assist players in playing our games! This is where you will find the W3D Hub Launcher! Only W3D Hub Staff can upload to this category.
  • Red Alert: A Path Beyond - Contains user generated content and mods for APB! Any non-banned user may upload to this category!
  • Tiberian Sun: Reborn - Contains user generated content and mods for TSR! Any non-banned user may upload to this category!
  • Other C&C Files - Contains other C&C files from around the wider community! Only W3D Hub Staff may upload to this category, but please feel free to make suggestions for any files that you think should be in this category by messaging @OWA, or by using the idea box on the W3D Hub homepage!

Submission Guidelines

Here are some guidelines and rules for uploading files to the W3D Hub File system!

  • Be descriptive in naming your file and in your file description. Keep the latest updates, news and known issues to the top of the description so users see it first.
  • Keep the description updated with known issues, caveats and walk-through installation guide where possible. Feel free to ask other users and staff members for help when writing walk-throughs.
  • Upload screenshots. Create a preview image for your file (a square 200x200 image is the size limit). We will release marketing templates of all the game's logos in .png format for your use soon™.
  • Avoid generic names. Do not post “test” files to the public, our Moderation team won't approve these types of files.
  • When you update your file, please post what changed in the Version Notes.
  • Files have an upload limit of 100MB. If this is a problem for a specific file that you wish to upload, please message @OWA.

After uploading a file, a member of W3D Hub's Moderation team will verify it's contents before it becomes public.

Once your file is public, the forum will automatically start a public thread devoted to it in the "Community Project Releases" forum and will link to it in the description; so that you can get feedback and bugs from other users.

Please note that files are subject to removal at the discretion of our Moderation team.

Reasons for File Removal 

Examples of reasons to remove files include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Do not upload files that include cracked/pirated software or games.
  • Do not upload files that include copyrighted material.
  • Do not upload files taking content from other games, mods or files unless you have permission from the creator.
  • Do not upload files featuring nude or sexually explicit material.
  • Do not upload files that include hate speech, malicious content, or content that slanders/harasses other members.
  • Do not upload files that include private information.


Thanks for reading! Please enjoy using this awesome community resource once again!

Also, a big special thanks to those of you who have donated to us over the last few months! This new feature is one of a few new things that were were able to get up and running with your support!

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