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Kane's Pyramid

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Here is my take on Kane's pyramid, as seen in the FMV.

At the point where these images were taken, I was not very pleased with how it turned out. Once I added some lights and animations, I felt is was decent.

Since these images were taken, I have desaturated the brick area, and added house colour, and additive lighting.



"This is a quick look at the missile launch area using a W3X viewer screen grab.
Please note that you should ignore the outer pyramid areas, as it is still a work in progress. The missile silo would be partly obscured by the missile, and once the missile launched, the area would be covered over. So it does not need a lot of detail.
This is where alpha texture usage comes in handy, to give the impression of having a lot more detail than actually exists.
With extra lighting and FX (and a missile!) this would look good enough I think!"


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I've never created anything for an RTS before. Seems tricky to create assets for it when you're so used to larger scaling and perspectives. 

What's up with the low resolution textures in these games though? They cannot handle higher resolutions?

Or maybe it's just me who always zooms in to the maximum to inspect things...

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