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[AUDIO] Synthwave Ground Vehicles (and Aircraft, too!)

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Synthwave Ground Vehicles (and Aircraft, too!)

This soundpack converts a lot of the engine start and idle sounds of the ground vehicles in Red Alert: A Path Beyond into (almost) perfect loops of Retrowave/Synthwave tracks.

The vehicles affected by this soundpack use the following songs:

  • Light Tank: "Telecom" by Power Glove
  • Medium Tank: "Raining Steel" by Perturbator
  • Heavy Tank: "Built to Kill" by Lazerhawk
  • Mammoth Tank: "Death Squad" by Perturbator
  • Phase Tank: "Flightwave" by Com Truise
  • Tesla Tank (and MRJ): "Chaos" by Lazerhawk
  • APC (and Minelayer): "Access Point" by Stoned Presidents
  • Artillery: "Rampage" by Kavinsky
  • Ranger (and Soviet Ranger): "Silver Screen Cruising" by Robert Parker
  • V2 Launcher (and Ore Truck, MGG, special/prop trucks)**: "King of the Streets" by Lazerhawk
    •  Note: The pitch factor has been adjusted in alignment with the V2 Launcher. Depending on the vehicle you are driving, the music pitch/speed may be higher or lower than normal.
  • Supply Truck (and Demo Truck): "Resemblance in Machine" by Phaserland
    • ALTERNATE TRACK: "Sexualizer" by Perturbator (primary by default)

You must drive at the vehicle's top speed to be able to listen to the loop as you normally would the actual music track. Otherwise, enjoy the sound of warble-y music :v

Unfortunately, Phase Tank engine sounds could not be included in this soundpack due to them being detected by the server's anti-cheat.


Download and open the RAR, and place the files in the following directory:


C:\Program Files (x86)\W3D Hub\games\apb-release\data


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