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[AUDIO] [SOUNDPACK] Threve's MadTank

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[SOUNDPACK] Threve's MadTank

This Sound Pack helps to define and add a little bit more drama to the unit that is the M.A.D. Tank. The explosion, Purchase, Deployment and Charge up sound have all been changed. I have provided a video to help show the new sounds. 


NOTE: In the video, the Charge up sound (0:43) was abrupt and has since been fixed/updated too quickly fade in. It's a much smoother sounding build up to the explosion now.



installation Instructions are as follows

Navigate to your data folder by going

Computer>Program Files (x86)>W3D Hub>Games>APB-Release>Data

Once you reach the data folder drag and drop the Audio Files into the folder. Should you want to uninstall, simply delete all the audio files I have provided and the game will revert itself back to normal.


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