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[Tutorial] How to connect to our IRC channels

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Hello there, here's a short guide to get connected to our IRC channels!

1. Get an IRC client. I use Hexchat personally, but there are a lot of options. mIRC is one of the more popular ones.

2. Connect to rencorner by typing /server irc.rencorner.com -- You may wish to autoconnect, look around in settings for this option

3. Type /join <channel> by replacing <channel> with the following:

  • #w3dhub-apb (A Path Beyond)
  • #w3dhub-ecw (Expansive Civilian Warfare)
  • #w3dhub-tsr (Tiberian Sun Reborn)
  • #ikmaps (Interim-Apex -- this channel was called Imperial Kaskins Maps before the official IA name was conceived)

4. Protect your IRC nickname by registering it. In the rencorner channel or any other channel, type /ns register <password> <email> and replace password with a password you'll remember, and email with your email address or a throwaway. Once you register, you'll be asked to identify yourself each time you connect to IRC. Just type /ns identify <password> to do so. If you're using HexChat, you can click HexChat -> Network List -> Edit button for Rencorner and add a Connect Command to do this for you on startup.


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