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Moderation problems with IA

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You know, i never thought we'd be back here, at a mod complaint table for one of the same mods for Interim Apex.
I want to mention the list of names here but i wont because that would be a bit rude of me, instead i am going to make one simple recommendation and a solution

Rec: give all of the mods a mod application prune all of the mods that fail the application and keep the ones who complete it

Solution: This would solve the problem because A most of the mods were chosen either by IA's move over to w3dhub or B they were there from the start. 

Conclusion: So i thought this mod abuse thing was over, and yet here we are again, at the same place we were last time, when someone got banned and kicked for the most ridiculous of reasons, most of which were emotional reasons.
emotion is what you should leave out when making a decision when being a mod. I'v had experience being one before and am one of a server rn.
Sometimes i did not like the decisions i had to make but it was what I had to do, regardless if the person was saying things about me or judging me for my decisions that were apart of the rules not against them.

 the whole point of being a moderator is to see to it that the rules are applied to everyone and to enforce it, not to put your emotional beliefs and ideals into something that isnt yours and yet it is something so simple which is to uphold the rules.

You aren't an admin you cant change and bend the rules you are a moderator, you keep the rules and enforce them simple as. 
Don't you use your power as a means to be higher than another, (that used to be a problem in IA thank GOD it isn't now), but this is still mod abuse and I ask you IA staff,
to please look into your mod team, because this is a bit unacceptable, it was unacceptable then and it is unacceptable now.

as much as there is evidence to support this complaint, Lynx has done nothing wrong so far, and if there still isn't, Please look into your moderation team, I can't help but remember exactly how many times i have been mod abused on IA in t he past because either someone was mad at me, or they were offended at a simple join message I had and they wouldn't let me change it at all even when i was warned in that same exact time frame to change it or be banned, i was still banned even when I changed it in chat, but this is beside the point, just look into the moderation team not for my sake but the player Bases sake.

That is all 

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