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TSR Wolverine walking too fast

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Hey, sorry I thought the person behind the design choice was going to respond but it looks like they got distracted.

We don't really agree that it's immersion breaking, since we're basing it's movement more off the in-game unit and not the cutscenes where it moved at a pretty high speed for the unit.
This is also because it fills a role of an early, cheap anti-infantry vehicle to move out into the field and try to challenge the buggy. But we don't try to actually match it's speed to the Buggy, so we give it better armour & firepower.

In a Shooter, the balancing doesn't usually match up the same as an RTS. In this respect, we match infantry against infantry and vehicles against vehicles and build the Meta around that. This should hopefully give you better context to my above explanation about why we make it a different, semi fast, anti-infantry, cheap vehicle, kind of like the Nod Buggy, but with clear differences such as firepower output and armour.

Thanks for bringing this discussion point up though and I hope that answers your question. Also as a heads up, all caps posts aren't the best to be taken seriously with ;).

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lol no worries man I was just being silly with the capslock. But anyways, I seen that cutscene a million times. TSR's wolverine's legs move more than twice the speed of the legs of the wolverine in the cutscene. Watch it now then launch TSR, join GDI, buy a Wolverine and start walking. The difference is night and day.


EDIT oh fuck I just realized I read what you wrote backwards. Your NOT basing it off of cut scenes. Got it.

It looks ridiculous walking that fast. It wasn't that fast in previous version, and thus wasn't as glaring.

Even in the base game of Tiberian Sun, wolverines didn't match buggies in speed so they couldn't be used as super early game rushes. You guys got an opportunity to make the Amphibious APC do that instead.

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On 2/9/2024 at 12:53 AM, hunterX said:

Did you try upping damage and health/armour?

We did. At that stage it was just a worse version of the Titan.

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