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Tiberian Sun Mini-Mod 1.0.0

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About This File

Using the power of Notepad++, W3D Hub presents to you, our Tiberian Sun Mini-Mod, a small quality of life update for Tiberian Sun!

So what does this do? well, here are the changes:

  • You can now queue up to 50 units, instead of up to 5.
  • Veterancy re-balanced using Firestorm's number so that units only required to destroy 5x their cost in order to gain levels, rather than 10. 
    • Along with this, they deal slightly more damage and are also slightly tougher
      • VeteranRatio=5.0       ; must destroy this multiple of self-value to become a veteran [per level]
      • VeteranCombat=.50       ; combat BONUS factor when unit is a veteran
      • VeteranArmor=.50         ; armor BONUS when unit is a veteran
  • Medics can now heal at 3x the distance that they could before, making them easier to use.

Just unzip rules.ini into your game directory and away you go! This mod is compatible with any and all versions of Tiberian Sun and Firestorm!

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