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  1. That's exactly what i had in mind man, you might just be psychic also lol. I still like the first version with the Jet fighter word, definitely reminds me of the 1980s era, and looks just like Nintendo game box art.
  2. yeah definitely didn't mean anything like a 9/11 recreation lol, just some city skyscape in the backdrop and a jet like the one above doing a barrel roll. Though unlike that picture, closer up and with the jet coming towards the picture.
  3. Considering almost everything is using the lowest drawcalls (Material selections) possible, i highly doubt there will be lag issues. I had no problems with this area and that's still with all the other crap around including the trees.
  4. I've got more Meme's and funny pictures then you can throw a stick at, infact I'm pretty sure this site won't even allow me to upload them all in one post. These I've collected over many years, so some are old but good none the less. If anyone laughs at any single picture or Gif of mine they lose the game. I'll start with the Gifs: Now for some Pictures
  5. Awesome artwork man, I think all those drawings are very well done. Could you possibly make one for me too? lol. I want a picture of a city with two skyscrapers in the background and an jet going between the two buildings on an angle.
  6. I decided I'd release some more assets which I've been making for anyone else to use in their maps. First up is the remake of the Renegade 2 trees to give them more variations so you don't always see the same tree everywhere. The leaf textures has been edited slightly to give them a better hue then the originals, so you can mix and match the old ones with the new ones also. Oh and just a heads up, the trees on the right sometimes have issues moving, and will drag every single leaf of that type around if you're not paying attention to which one you select first, and so on. I don't know why it does this, as they are not attached or sharing the same groupings, but I can freely move them around given i select the right one first. I'm on an empty stomach right now, so ill add to this list as i go Here's Some plants I've done with many variations of groups. These can have textures switched out to others, but make sure the texture dimensions are similar to the plant textures you decide. Here's Three more simple Pine trees I created. Here's my entire set of Renegade "styled" Pine trees, which were based off of the original ones from level edit, but I created all my own leaf variations and set each leaf in place by hand one by one. Again other textures may work with this as is, but would have to follow the same contour of the Renegade stock pine tree branch alpha channel. Here's some sandbags also. Not so highly detailed but good enough that it doesn't blow up your polygon counts. And the Tiberium crystals i made just recently for my newest map. These use 2 passes with simple reflections, nothing that will impact performance. This cabin model took a long time to complete and the polygon count is a tad higher then most at around 34,000 and doesn't have an interior. I was going to originally create an interior for it, but i deleted all my back-faces while optimizing and forgot. There is both a snow version and a non snow version for different scenes. Renegade 2 Trees New.rar Bush&Lavender.rar Simple_Pines.rar All_PineTrees.rar Rene SandBags.rar Tiberium_Crystals.rar Blazea58Cabin.rar
  7. Well I've finally placed all my Tiberium fields although I think I could really use some better Tiberium ground textures. I need a blue Tiberium ground texture , the crystal I can hopefully just get Jerad to make a hue change for me, (I don't have photoshop any more) and other then that I think I'm tired enough of working on this map. I know there's plenty i could improve but I'll focus on improving quality and details on my next map. So if anyone has a better Green and Blue Tiberium ground texture in Tga format, please send me them
  8. I really enjoy my job doing golf course maintenance even if the pay isn't that great. I never have any stress at work because every day is something different. I mow greens, tee-boxes, change flags, power rake the sandtraps, aerate, and many other smaller more tedious jobs like digging or trimming. It can get really tiring sure, but i love to work hard, the days just fly by. I could really do with a job that has health/dental coverage, but other then that i still get free golf at least.
  9. Alright well i've been busy lately making some tiberium crystals of my own that are more like the C&C 3 ones, because i know renegade already had a few in level edit but they were the bare essentials. I'm almost done making all the groupings of them, i think i still want at least 10 more small/large groups so there's tons of variations possible. The tallest crystals here are only up to your knee cap, so it's not as unrealistic driving over them when they will have no collision. Of course i'll still have to place them in my fields which will be a challenge since they aren't perfectly flat.
  10. I used to have crashing in renx but then i figured out what causes it most of the time was the detach modifier. Since then i havn't had a scene crash for a year or two now. And as for the rock texure, maybe if anything ill add a detail overlay but other then that Unwrapping isn't something i can handle with renx lol.
  11. Bottom line , lets move on from that offtopic bs lol and yeah i'd be interested for converting into Reborn
  12. I;ll admit I'm not an expert here and i still use Renx. Doing unwrapping from what I've seen is a pain in the ass, i know I'm working with a much more limited tool set, so for me it is what it is, i don't feel that it's too important to go back and edit every face for a month using renx lol. Maybe in the future i'll actually try to learn 3dsmax, but for me i find the ease of renx just so fluid and I've gotten so used to modelling in it. I've tried 3dsmax a lot but i never really got into it, maybe because it was more overwhelming with all those extra tools lol. AS much as i'd like for you to paint over and show what's needed, i know my professionalism is far from the expectations of 2015 lol.
  13. Thanks for all the comments and it's nice to see you again Generalcamo. I would definitely be interested to see your better building setup, as long as everything's setup right and the interiors will be appear in LE. It's a good thing you asked because I have even considered redoing the uvw's for the buildings because of the extremely low detail. I just hope you have it in renx format, because I'm pretty old school lol. Well i wanted a rock texture that repeats good enough for areas where the texture's aren't lined up 100%. it kind of blends the edges better. I was considering on adding bit of noise to the rock texture to flush out some of the repetitiveness. The blended textures are being tiled at 7x7x7 metres which is actually a bit higher then most go for ground and closer objects. I'll think about doing 20x20x20 for the rock faces though, but i do personally like the rock texture itself, and to keep drawcalls low, I'm trying to use the least material selections possible. I guess it at least improves the visuals from farther away so i might keep it that way.
  14. Here's an alpine map for renegade set between a lot of mountainous terrain. There is 3 Tiberium fields total, and players will be able to purchase Harvesters and drive over to the middle field which will be blue tiberium, I was just awaiting the texture for the blue tiberium, and possibly if anyone has the blue and green tiberium spike models, but in ...... Renx format or .(dot)3ds so it can be imported with Renx. I'd rather place all my objects in Renx then to have LE versions because scaling is required for less repetitiveness. I wont be adding Uv channels to the rock faces because most of the maps detail is viewed up close and it would look silly having large tiled rock areas when you're right up against most of them. This is also to keep drawcalls down. The map uses around 10 textures, and all objects that have the same texture are a shared material. The polygon count is at 319,078, but i had no problems with The_Canyon map which was at around 300k also and had no VIs. [
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