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  1. An old web site called CnC Source is where you went to talk on forums and get mods for all the CnC games. that web site is fizzling pile of mould now that's falling apart the last i checked. IT was a nice big one stop shop. Now EA could care less about the franchise. The community is not where it used to be and looks little scattered to me. I found this site and another one a few years back called strike steam portal for multiplayer and or mods. I also saw that EA put Tiberian Sun out for free as shareware few years ago and pulled the DL link after a year or 2. Would any of you whippersnappers care to tell me about the popular communities, forums and or subreddits you frequent and what's changed since the 2006?
  2. i am not a coder but, my relationship with wine and linux is getting better. if i get it working perhaps i could explain how i did so with some sort of guide like forum post. I have went ahead submitted W3D Hub as an app to be added to the Wine Application Data Base so that compatibility reports and or any needed work arounds can be filed and published. IF anyone has tried installing and not had it hand let me know. i was not very patient to let it it install dot net since i know wine has problems and almost always requires a 32bit prefix to make it work. i am currently researching this. Additionally wine 3.0 RC out and 3.0 is a big jump from 2.21. idk if that's stable version number or a big jump from the current staging version. if the later maybe they have added a lot more features and api calls.
  3. To make things worse the W3D launcher installs a version of dotnet 4 which only works in wine with a "32 wine prefix". i'm surprised no one has made an open source re implementation of westwood's W3D engine with projects like Open Morrowind becoming more common place. wouldn't help with the launcher but, sure would make it easier to get a newer optimized engine that would allow way more modding and support all platforms. when supports dotnet out of the box or with little/simple tweaks it might be possible to run W3D hub out of the box as well. games like the witcher 3 and GTA V are already playable. I think i may play around with trying to get it work in wine.
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