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  1. I haven't played apb in probably 5 years. Do I need to download anything to play or just join a server through renlist?
  2. Thanks. I have been making maps for about 7 years, just new to w3d hub. I'll post some links to some of my maps.
  3. What do you use instead of LE? Is it a custom version for mods? I am just making normal Renegade maps, well its not normal LE a modded version for MPF's servers.
  4. I just did the old 'duplicate mesh trick' I redid the texture and the paint using black and it worked fine. Who knows what was wrong earlier, thats the w3d engine for ya i guess.
  5. Yea you can choose whatever color you want in gmax, does it make a difference ? I have always used red no issues.
  6. All separate object and created in max with shatter setting. i used it on Nova and it actually doesn't lag at all. As long as you don't use it all over the place.
  7. Hey, thanks! I've done a few tutorials myself most are over at MPF, like VIS and destroyable pillars
  8. Yea i didn't do anything fancy to it just alpha blend, i'll double check the settings though.
  9. So i've done the alpha blend for textures a million times, this time i did it the same as before 2 pass textures check alpha blend etc. Usually where I vertex paint the texture is 100% visible, this time its only like %50 percent visible through the base texture and I have no idea why. Here are the pictures to see the areas in question, in gmax and then in LE. as you can see the gravel texture should blend to itself on the meshes next to it but it just isn't coming through 100% any thoughts? I also tried messing with the settings in LE like the compute vertex solve etc.
  10. Hello, I'm a map maker for renegade over at MPF. I was closely working with zunnie on many projects and his wealth of knowledge helped me create some fun maps for the community. I'm coming here as he won't be around to answer questions I have. If this isn't the right forum please let me know. some of my maps. Detroit Nebraska cracked crumble stockade atoll airai nova tankbuster traverse Sleepy hollow and probably a lot of others hooe to find some help and friends here
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