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    Oh I am sorry I was very busy, will download launcher tomorrow and will play. Thanks you all.
  2. Mesosoi

    okay I will download w3d launcher and ecw soon. see you in game.
  3. Mesosoi

    And my second question is: ... Who is he? Why siren? xD
  4. Mesosoi

    Will send a measage in PM.
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  6. Mesosoi

    a.k.a. Kolia
  7. Hello! I want to warn you right away that my knowledge of English is low, so I use an online translator to compose this text. To begin with, I’ve heard a lot about your community, but I’ve always been from the outside. However, I want to become a member of W3dHub, so I compiled this text. My name is Nikolay, I am from Russia, I play in Renegade approximately since 2009 (maybe sooner or later - at that time I was still a child), I play at the amateur level (I do not attend tournaments). Mostly played on MPF, but due to internal problems I practically don’t visit him (yes, to whom it is addressed - he will understand), he even once managed to found a project called UltimateBattles, which died safely about a month ago, although before that the project was closed twice and opened twice. I know that there are players with whom I already know - MPF, UB players, etc. I am already familiar with you, especially with the MPF moderators, who have a pronounced watchman syndrome. Well, I'm not talking about that. I repeat, I am writing this to meet you. I am still writing this text, but I already had an early question: “where to start?"