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  1. Sorry forgot to ping you to send notification.
  2. It was an AOW server with our own scripts, but most of scripts was totally bad and low quality scripts was too a reason of closing. On UB you may play DM between AOW maps, some of DM maps was our own, and, again, low quality, to be honestly. We, especially I wanted to start Co-Op server, but I thought no one will play this. Only now I realized: it was a ticket to a better way. Also I wanted to make fun-mode server, but I am not a programmer and cannot create plugins and scripts alone, at the time when I wanted to make fun-mode server, problems in team started, and this problems continuous now, after project close. Well don't want to chat about team, I can say that in team was just 2 normal people, others didn't anything I want. Sad, but true... Sorry for bad English.
  3. Well, ultimatebattles was a CnC Renegade server, it's closed in January because of problems in team, and, to be honestly, because of 0 profit too. But, UB was a great experience, especially from July 2018 to September 2018. I used word "safely died", I mean closed. Translation problems. ;-)
  4. Oh I am sorry I was very busy, will download launcher tomorrow and will play. Thanks you all.
  5. okay I will download w3d launcher and ecw soon. see you in game.
  6. And my second question is: ... Who is he? Why siren? xD
  7. Will send a measage in PM.
  8. Hello! I want to warn you right away that my knowledge of English is low, so I use an online translator to compose this text. To begin with, I’ve heard a lot about your community, but I’ve always been from the outside. However, I want to become a member of W3dHub, so I compiled this text. My name is Nikolay, I am from Russia, I play in Renegade approximately since 2009 (maybe sooner or later - at that time I was still a child), I play at the amateur level (I do not attend tournaments). Mostly played on MPF, but due to internal problems I practically don’t visit him (yes, to whom it is addressed - he will understand), he even once managed to found a project called UltimateBattles, which died safely about a month ago, although before that the project was closed twice and opened twice. I know that there are players with whom I already know - MPF, UB players, etc. I am already familiar with you, especially with the MPF moderators, who have a pronounced watchman syndrome. Well, I'm not talking about that. I repeat, I am writing this to meet you. I am still writing this text, but I already had an early question: “where to start?"
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