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  1. Made Russian translation of all available tags into Google spreadsheet. Может есть желание помочь с переводом игр?)
  2. Thank you for providing these, we will start working on it soon! This is great news! I submitted the Russian translation tags, check it out!
  3. Here are translation tags, translated to Russian. Let me know, if there will be any problems or updates! Translation Tag English Translation APP_INOFFLINEMODE In Offline Mode В режиме офлайн APP_TITLE W3D Hub Launcher Лаунчер W3D Hub BUTTON_EDIT_NICKNAME Set Nickname Изменить никнейм BUTTON_EDIT_NICKNAME_TOOLTIP Set the nickname you will use when playing online Ввод имени игрока, которое будет использоваться в игре по сети BUTTON_INSTALLGAME Install Установить BUTTON_JOIN_SERVER Join Server Присоединиться BUTTON_JOIN_SERVER_TOOLTIP Join this game server Присоединиться к этому серверу BUTTON_LOGIN Login Войти BUTTON_LOGOUT Logout Выйти BUTTON_PLAYOFFLINE Single Player Одиночная игра BUTTON_PLAYONLINE Play Now Играть BUTTON_PROFILE Profile Профиль BUTTON_PROPERTIES Properties Настройки BUTTON_REGISTER Register Зарегистрироваться CHOOSE_NICKNAME Choose Nickname Выбрать никнейм GVI_INSTALLING_APP Installing Application Установка приложения GVI_INSTALLING_APP_VERSION Installing {0} version {1} Установка {0} версии {1} GVI_PSTATE_DOWNLOADED Downloaded Загружено GVI_PSTATE_DOWNLOADING Downloading Загрузка GVI_PSTATE_FAILED Failed: {0} Ошибка при исполнении: {0} GVI_PSTATE_INSTALLED Installed Установлено GVI_PSTATE_INSTALLING Installing Установка GVI_PSTATE_PENDING Pending В ожидании GVI_PSTATE_VALIDATING Validating Проверка GVI_REPAIRING_APP Repairing Application Исправление приложения GVI_STATE_DOWNLOADING Downloading Загрузка GVI_STATE_FAILED Installation Failed: {0} Установка не удалась: {0} GVI_STATE_FINISHED Installed Successfully Установка завершена успешно GVI_STATE_GET_MANIFESTS Downloading Manifests Загрузка манифестов приложения GVI_STATE_INITIALISING Initialising Инициализация GVI_STATE_INSTALLING Installing Установка GVI_STATE_PREVALIDATION Validating Existing Installation Проверка существующей установки GVI_UNINSTALLING_APP Uninstalling Application Удаление приложения GVI_UPDATING_APP Updating Application Обновление приложения LOGIN_STATUS_AUTHENTICATING Authenticating... Аутентификация... LOGIN_STATUS_FAILED Login Failed Попытка входа не удалась LOGIN_STATUS_LOGGEDIN {0} {0} LOGIN_STATUS_NOTLOGGEDIN Not Logged In Не авторизован TAB_GAMES Games Игры TAB_HOME Home Главная TAB_LOBBY Chat Чат TAB_SERVERBROWSER Server Browser Поиск серверов TAB_SETTINGS Settings Настройки 
  4. Looking forward to it, thank you! We will accept any help, your friend can contact us anytime he like! And again, thank you!
  5. We'll be looking forward to it, thanks! Thank you, it will be a pleasure to work together with you! Your guide is amazing! Very detailed, I will translate it in the nearest time, thanks! The Tacitus issue is very unfortunate, I hope this will be resolved soon. As for helping in making write-ups about W3D games - I'm not really an expert here, as I specialize more in Renegade X. Though it would be very interesting to learn something new and help you out!
  6. Well, If it's not possible, let it be then. We do not want to separate English and Russian players by making different servers. Transcription of Russian words with English letters isn't the solution either as it is even less understandable, than English, not even mentioning that it's just rather silly method of speaking Russian and won't be taken seriously. Considering everything said, we will make the localizations of IA and ECW, leaving APB and Reborn alone. We still will be promoting them, but with another technique - guides. Thank you for explaining everything and for understanding!
  7. I'm grateful for your response. Your help in getting these APB, Reborn and ECW files would be much appreciated. The tdbeditor isn't that hard actually, I think we will be able to work with it without any problems. About APB and Reborn having cyrillic letters changed into killfeed icons. It will probably sound ignorant but the best solution would be adding another font to serve this role. I know that I must be speaking only for Russian localization, but there might be problems in the future with other languages support, if you have changed other alphabets' letters (i.e. French or German). Making all this work together now is a very hard work and I understand that, I won't be hurrying you up in any case, just do what you can and take your time. Having the game files to be redacted from scratch after each update might be hard, but I think we will be able to get over it as the main translation proccess is complete (as we won't have to think about the translation itself anymore, except new content, but just moving the existing strings to a new file). Thank you for noticing this, we're looking forward for this cooperation!
  8. Hello there, I'm from Russian Renegade community. We mostly promote Command and Conquer news in our segment, but when it comes to convenience and trouble free gaming experience, we take it with all the seriousness. We would like to cooperate with W3D Hub and contribute to the common goal - making the Renegade great again. If speaking more precise, we want to make Russian translations of W3D Hub Launcher and all games it provides, so our players would not face the problem of long game learning process ever again. Surely, it would be much better, if there would be more languages support, so that's why this thread now exists - if you want to contribute to the Renegade community by making the games more accessible for non-English speakers, don't be shy to begin from here! Waiting for the answer from W3D Hub and its community members, who are wishing to help!
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