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  1. i had a problem with script.dll i was told enable TLS 1.2 THAT didnt help i found a repair in launcher which fixed it, sense this update i dont see any games its blank so cant repair anything. i did all that was said i still get the same problem launcher was working fine before the update. I think something in update is not allowing my pc to login to launcher cause it worked fine before the update...
  2. I did everything what the install guide said and i still get the same problem as to the first SS. Gotta be something else it was working before the update.
  3. nvm i got it to work. i thought the in the w3dhub launcher under game page Red Alert game was like renegade i thought it was C&C red alert game. so i never clicked on it and i was ever told to click on that game and it didn't say anything about APB. ANY HOW i was just browsing through launcher in game page and i missed click on red alert i didn't even know where i was at for a couple mins i was looking at all the avatars and that's when i seen ABP So i looked at a few more avatars and ABP was under several avatar pics so i did a repair install and it fix it. i only recall being told to repair the interim apex nothing else and that didn't help at all. if files was corrupted why wasn't .dmp files created anyhow its fixed now it just would of been so much easier if i have known red alert was ABP i would repaired it long ago. Dghelneshi I thank you a lot for doing your best to help me with this issue and also i thank the others that tried helping aswell thank you all regards Chris
  4. I can play on any other game: browser games, non browser game,. installed games, and all the other renegade servers are playable only one i cant play is APB so it not my computer the APB server or W3DHUB Launcher is blocking my connection or something.... If this crashdump is not from the APB SERVER then the crashdumps from APB SERVER are not being made thats why are are hard to find them because there are none. why arent any .dmp files being made up? W3DHUB Launcher should make crashdumps maybe devs or who ever fix's bugs need to start there I think the launcher disconnecting me before i even get to the game thats probably why their arent any crashdumps, I looked in windows event it has error logs made up from W3DHUB Launcher. Dghelneshi tells me to update my windows to TSL 1.2 I have them all installed even have all 3 SSL versions installed. I dont understand what browser TSL.1.1-1.2 Has anything to do with launching APB Server. I can't do scripting/programming but I can fix computers/windows. regards Chris
  5. i added one crash dump but ill go see if there is more. No I havent tried that but I will do that, but where do i fine this Apb game.eve if ur talking about it being in task manager its not only running proccess for renegade is game.exe and W3D HUB launcher ok for some odd reason crashdumps are not being made now i have tried player on the APB server 3 times today no crashdump was created last crashdump i found was on 2/19/2021 ill compress it and upload it. someone asi me for my computer specs ill upload a dxdiag file aswell. ok both are uploaded ill try to find out why no crashdumps arent being created. I been searching on the web about this issue i have and i found someone else was getting same script error iv been getting and its from the same program W3DHUB LAUNCHER only thing that is different is he was playing C&C red alert.. here is link .. maybe this might be more help. I really appreciate your guys trying to help?solve this issue. crashdump.20210219-162039-r8610-n1.dmp.7z DxDiag.txt
  6. I have mention why I cant upload a SS of the pop up at top of this thread. error IDK who made the "error pop up windows" but it does not allow me to take a SS. Although I did added on this thread what pop up said this is what it says,,,, Custom script.dll engine code has stop working So something is causing the drivers to stop working probably some coding issue its not allowing or letting my renegade pass through. like I said all other servers work fine so its not my renegade the problem is on the APB server . . It shouldn't matter what renegade package I bought at all as long as my renegade is up to date which it is. I thought it might of been the 4.7 scripts i had to install but i downgraded to the previous scripts and i get same error.. ty regards Chris
  7. No Im using W3D HUB Launcher, I have tried that a while ago and popup said need to install W3D HUB Launcher so i did just that months ago...
  8. OK ill try single player. i click on games page window i have C&C renegade, ECW, Interm Apex and 2 others C&C games that are not renegade related . in games page window I dont see APB in games page, Games page is default page when i first open W3DHUB launcher, f that is what your saying... also I see W3DHUB APB 3.5 offical i dont see in server list, "delta" i mention this in previous reply all other servers in server browser work only W3DHUB 3.5 offical i get the "Custom script.dll engine code has stop working" . when i click on this my screen goes black like game is starting then 1 to 2 sec a pop up opens up with a all white displayer behind pop up...
  9. everytime i click on that server. the 1.5 server and all the other servers work fine. only one that dont work is 3.5 server that is when i get the a pop up saying, "Custom script.dll engine code has stop working" and there is a button at bottom right says close program... my pc is up todate on windows i check for new update there are none and im still getting same script.dll problem... it works on w3dhub TRS 1.5 fine then. there something in w3dhub APB 3.5 SERVER that is blocking the script or connections cause why would i be able to play on 1.5 server. i thought it might been because of it is in Europe but that's not the case. so its must be something in the scripting part that blocking my id or blocking something i see 52 players on that server and i am that only one that cannot play on it that's puzzling to me. I HAVE 150 TO 180MB interent connection. if all this info helps any.
  10. ChopBam So your saying it's going to take a while then?
  11. any updates on the script bug i have?
  12. I'll try zipping it up, i zipped it and i uploaded to here ty for the info idk why i didnt think to zip it up before . crashdump.20210113-031642-r8419-n1.rar
  13. here is the error.log file, this only happens on w3dhub APB 3.5 officail server. i tried to take a SS of the popup i push prtscn i go the MSpaint and ther paste is grayed out so it must not be allowed to take a SS. i found crashdump file but cannot upload it on here its bigger then what is allowed to upload.. ty errors.log
  14. Weird, now it is not grayed out I didn't install anything. ok well anyhow I ty for your time and for the info ill remember it.
  15. why is w3dhub APB 3.5 Official not join able its grayed out yet there are 10 people playing on that server...
  16. ya i figured that out, i didnt know i had to install 2 programs. ty for the info though
  17. i join interim apex server i get no terrain on map. all the buildings are there. sense there is no terrain all i do is fall under map and bounce back up until i get close enough to a building then i stand on a grayed out terrain.. when i joined renegade had to DL the map i dont think it downloaded right. i tried to fine the map in my windows pc tower never found it. if i would of search a little harder i would find it im sure... how can i fix this bug or corrupt file.?
  18. I tried to play on interim apex server popup told me its a standalone serv. go to w3dhub.com and install w3dhub so I did all that and still cannot play on interim apex server the the join server button is white and join server is grayed out.. So how do I join the interim apex server?
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