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Found 37 results

  1. Wait, what? Another one? That's right, Commander! What did we fix now? Shout-out to @Ice, for helping me identify and correct the duplicated Nod Radar dish bug. This has been fixed for a while now in TSR 2.0, but fortunately we were able to apply the fix here as well! Another engine update! When he noticed that I was working on another patch, @jonwil informed me that I should update to the latest scripts version once again because there have been some pretty important fixes regarding some animation bugs, as well as some other fixes and enhancements. Optimizations for Field, Gallows Cove, and Storm: Culled all duplicate assets within the map.mix files (because they just take up unnecessary space). Converted most textures from TGA to DDS format (again, to save space). Moved all loose assets from the map.mix files into always.dat (where they should be). Fixed a broken texture on the upper walkway support beams on Gallows Cove. Sneak peek! - TSR 2.0 Intro Movies! Sneak peek! - TSR 2.0 Main Menu Music! (note: you will have to open the game in Single Player mode to see/hear these) Miscellaneous cleanup in the game and data folders. What once was cluttered is cluttered no more! This is another large patch, because it makes changes to the main game asset archive file (always.dat), but by doing all of this now, we can avoid touching this file for a long time for future updates, making them much smaller and faster to install! Thats it! Now just think! If this is what I'm doing that you can see, imagine the work that the real devs are doing for TSR 2.0! This patch is now live on the server! See you ingame Brothers! ~The Team
  2. And you thought we had abandoned TSR... Silly you! We got a present for ya! Changes in this update: Update from a 4+ year old build of scrips 4.3 to the latest version of scripts 4.6. This update adds 4 years of engine improvements in the areas of performance and stability - Thanks @jonwil and the Tiberian Technologies team for the continued work and support, 17 years and counting! Goodbye Disco-Sludge! You've been great fun to look at, but you've melted your last graphics card! Yes thats right! Grand Canyon has been patched to fix the iconic yet notorious glittery tiberium. @jonwil is actually responsible for this fix as well. The current public version of TSR is still on life support while TSR 2.0 is in development, nothing has changed there. But when we discovered that a simple engine update made the game and server exponentially more stable, we decided to throw something your way to help you guys pass the time until TSR 2.0 is ready! This update is live on the server now! Enjoy! ~ The Team.
  3. Time for another Reborn 2.0 development update! Taller Cyborgs, new Mech animations, GDI War Factory changes, and Nod Construction Yard updates. Cyborgs Through our efforts in fixing the scaling feature, we can now resolve an issue long overdue for our cybernetic soldiers. Cyborgs now rightfully tower over regular infantry as the imposing monstrosities they are. "Scan initiated!" "Directive?" As stated previously, our fixed scaling has not led to any worldbox collision issues and cyborg infantry getting stuck. You will notice the floating limbs, meaning now our next step is rigging. OWA will take charge on fixing that up for our tall bois. New Mech Animations Coming for Reborn 2.0, our GDI mechs have received new animations from Permagrin from the Renegade X team and setup in the engine courtesy of OWA. The Wolverine and Titan's movements are much more fluid now and more appropriate of mechanical walkers. "Infantry reporting!" "Moving out!" Feedback on Discord has been divided with some people liking the new animations, some not liking them, and others liking one but not the other. What are your thoughts? Here's a sneak peek of what to expect in-game! "On my way!" GDI War Factory Scaling There are some of you who may remember our legendary operative, Agent Hasak, who had previously reported on the new GDI War Factory that was rolled out to their bases. Reports are coming in that the GDI War Factory is undergoing scale alterations and renovations. Nod War Factory and GDI War Factory size comparisons. Before scaling, the new GDI War Factory is much bigger than the Nod counterpart. "Scale Me" bone attached to the War Factory to allow ease of scaling. Exterior scaling alone has led to interesting results in the interior. Once the exterior scale is determined, the interior will be tackled next. Proposed new entry/exit for the GDI War Factory. Coming together. The new GDI War Factory is coming along nicely and the new version has been rolled out to our testers for feedback. The end result of the scaling and interior renovations will be better gameplay for both sides, attackers and defenders, during combat inside the GDI War Factory. Players may like to know that even after the downscaling of the factory the Juggernaut, GDI's biggest vehicle to be produced in the War Factory, still fits and has no issues in walking out after completion. And to close this off, ChopBam has provided a video walkthrough of the work in progress! Have a look. Construction Yard Scale and Updated Roof Raap has set about working on the scale of the Construction Yard and has also updated the Construction Yard roof. The details behind the scaling are yet to be finalised, though in the meantime you may appreciate the roof updates. In Progress. Construction Yard Roof (Current) Construction Yard Roof (Updated) Not pictured here, but the Nod Construction Yard will also receive anti-Jump Jet measures (a ladder) to counter flying abuse where Jump Jets would fly to spots unreachable by defending Nod forces and remain a nuisance. You will also notice a new doorway on the side, allowing another entry for GDI infiltrators. That catches us up on Reborn 2.0 development! Keep an eye on our Discord and media for more discussion and announcements. "One Vision, One Purpose." [blurb]Time for another Reborn 2.0 development update! Taller Cyborgs, new Mech animations, GDI War Factory changes, and Nod Construction Yard updates.[/blurb]
  4. TS:R news coming up! More on scaling, new arms, introducing the new Mobile EMP prototype, and discussion of the GDI AAPC. Scaling In the previous update, we were showing you the coding and magic being worked on for scaling infantry. Yah-Nosh has put together a video for fun exhibiting his work in that. "Even as famine ravages the planet, GDI continues to deny that its food shipments are being tampered with." At the end of the day, the work that has gone into scaling now allows us to correct infantry sizes with respect to their build (i.e. Cyborgs are taller than humans) and without causing issues in worldbox collisions and getting stuck on certain doorways. New Arms CMDBob has completed new arms for our brothers of Nod. Kane has been loathed to attack America, but I feel it's time, and you're the one to do it is pleased with these changes. Elite Cadre New Arms Generic Nod Soldier New Arms Generic Nod Soldier New Arms (Engineer) Nod Flame Trooper New Arms Nod Flame Trooper New Arms (Red Sleeves) The New Mobile EMP Preliminary testing of the Mobile EMP has shown that the vehicle poses two issues: 1) it was too boring to sit inside and simply fire off the EMP at the click of a mouse and 2) it was not fun to play against when the EMP cannot be feasibly defensed against before being hit. Deliberation with the development team has led to the experimental rollout of the new Mobile EMP, or the MEMP-tillery as some soldiers have come to call it. Others also say MEMPY, but we don't talk about those soldiers. GDI R&D, led by the Chief Wizards of Crazy Game Ideas, otherwise known as Raap and OWA, have completed their prototype and deployed it for field testing. The new Mobile EMP offers a different gameplay approach to GDI forces. This MEMP lobs a ball of EMP energy, disabling enemy vehicles where the strike lands, replacing the too easy and too boring button-push gameplay of the previous iteration. In this method, GDI drivers will need to more carefully play this vehicle on the field, while faster Nod vehicles can move to outrace the lob and close the distance. This change is going through extensive testing to ensure this variation of the MEMP delivers more fun gameplay for both sides in using it and fighting against it. Weaponise the AAPC? Discussion has surfaced in the development chat of possibly weaponising the GDI AAPC. Some team members argue the AAPC needs something to allow it to better support frontal infantry assaults, while conservative team members argue the AAPC functions in its role well enough as-is and needs no changes. In support of the weaponisation, OWA has put together some variation concepts. Other ideas for changing the AAPC include allowing it to refill C4 and armour, provide smokescreen, and electronic countermeasures. It should be noted, and I cannot stress this enough: This is all completely conceptual. If you have an opinion of the GDI AAPC, whether in favour of weapons or against changes, you are welcome to voice your suggestions and concerns. That should be about it for this update. Have I missed anything? Anything you are curious of at this time regarding development progress and want it featured in the next update? Let us know! [blurb]TS:R news coming up! More on scaling, new arms, introducing the new Mobile EMP prototype, and discussion of the GDI AAPC.[/blurb]
  5. Apologies for missing a Thursday. Rest assured that development is making strides. Today I want to give you an idea of what the scripts team has been up to. Development is more than mapping and textures. One must remember the intensive coding that goes into it! Below are some examples. Exhibit A: void Handle_Node_Rotation_Non_Aligned(NodeClass *n, Matrix3D &m1, Matrix3D &m2) { if (!n->Is_Locked()) { Matrix3D tm = n->Get_Transform(); Matrix3D tm2; m2.Get_Orthogonal_Inverse(tm2); Matrix3D tm3; Matrix3D::Multiply(tm2, tm, &tm3); Matrix3D::Multiply(m2, m1, &tm); Matrix3D::Multiply(tm, tm3, &tm); if (!tm.Is_Orthogonal()) { tm.Re_Orthogonalize(); } n->Set_Transform(tm); } } and Exhibit B: void TerrainNode::Create_Proxy_Objects(DynamicVectorClass<ProxyClass> &vector) { for (int i = 0; i < vector.Count(); i++) { Matrix3D transform = vector[i].Get_Transform(); StringClass str = vector[i].Get_Name(); PresetClass *p = PresetMgrClass::Find_Named_Preset(str); if (!p) { StringClass strx; strx.Format("Unable to find preset for placeholder %s.\r\n",str.Peek_Buffer()); OutputDebugStringA(strx); continue; } NodeClass *n = Create_Node(p, &transform, 0, false); if (n) { n->Set_Align_Rotation_Z(false); n->Set_Node_Embedded(true); if (n->Get_Phys() || n->Class_ID() == NODE_CLASSID_TERRAIN) { Matrix3D m1(true); Matrix3D m2x(true); Handle_Rotation(n, m1, m2x); n->Set_Is_Locked(true); Our scripts team looks at this kind of stuff on a daily basis. Without their assistance and expertise, who knows where our games would be. We can't thank them enough for all they do. We'll have more to show you next update! You should know the above scripts is related to this image here. The keyword is scaling. See you next Thursday! [blurb]Apologies for missing a Thursday. Rest assured that development is making strides. Today I want to give you an idea of what the scripts team has been up to.[/blurb]
  6. It has been some days without some TS:R news, huh? I would like to thank those of you for noticing and speaking up in our Discord, such as DenWellinston. I appreciate your interest and will now deliver some long-awaited news. This news update may or not be very GDI focused. And why, you may ask? Some would argue that: Of course, we brothers of Nod know this to not be true and that this is only slander. Kill Icons Nearing Completion Since the last update of the kill icons, the team has achieved full completion on the weapon list. The screenshot below shows off a few guns icons in use. Users viewing the image may notice something peculiar about the screenshot. Worry not! I know exactly what's peculiar about it. When you kill bots, the kill icons have no name on the receiving end. Thankfully, with a bit of coding this issue has been fixed. Misc Building Fixes Raap has been keeping busy in the background with numerous changes. He has overhauled the GDI Power Plant exterior textures and also added new destroyed decals to the building. Most importantly, Raap has also removed the GDI Power Plant's particle overload and replaced the associated materials. This translates to a more performance-friendly building, which is always a benefit for our games. In more aesthetic changes, Raap has also fixed the Construction Yard's rotating fan and light animations to rotate in a perfect circle and no longer hitch. Inside and out of the Construction Yard, he has fixed the white cables and the elevator fences now use Alpha Test instead of Alpha Blend. These miscellaneous changes translate to "the Construction Yard is better to look at now". Having finished these changes, Raap has since returned back to mapping. There is much to be done! New Refinery Tiberium refining is a thankless job, and a boring one at that. So boring, in fact, that the guys in the break room spend their time doodling away. An officer confiscated this and subsequently fired the man responsible. ...we have no idea what this is supposed to be. However, while we are on the subject of the Refinery you should know that it is getting redone! CMDBob has undertaken this task and has produced something great. Below are screenshots of his progression. Identifying the w3d materials of the Refinery Refinery concept. Added basement and proposal for a back door Back door added Ramp down to the basement Size comparison of the Refinery between new (left) and old (right). Though a subtle change in size. the new Refinery is 10% bigger The new Refinery is coming along nicely, though if the screenshots alone are not enough to satisfy, please take a look at this video. Laser Fence Upgrade Normally, it is difficult to find live crash test dummies. However, when these crash test dummies are fanatical members of Nod who will give their lives for the betterment of technology well, it's much easier. The Nod Laser Fences have been upgraded to properly dispose of would-be infiltrators. Our prayers go out to the fallen soldiers of Nod for their great sacrifice in demonstrating the Laser Fence upgrade. Cyborg Reaper Here's a thing. Imagine this terrifying monster approaching you. Credit to Permagrim of the Renegade X team for the new animations! "Fear the Reaper." I hope this update is enough for this week. More news to come! GDI stuff especially![blurb]Big news update incoming! More kill icons, misc fixes, new Refinery, upgraded Laser Fence, the Cyborg Reaper, and our Twitch! Come take a look![/blurb] Bonus Post Follow W3D Hub on Twitch or keep an eye on our Discord when we announce dev streams and tune in!
  7. Reborn news day! And even more, the 4th of July! Redone rifle animations, post-processing tests, and kill icons. To celebrate today in American fashion, we will be modifying our guns to be more deadly than ever before! TSR will now be a Gears of War mod, so expect more intense close-quarters combat! ... GDI Rifle Re-rig Okay so we're not really doing that. However, CMDBob has once again contributed to weapon work and has redone the first-person GDI rifle animations. In his words, "Now it looks like it's being held by a proper human, and not that weird Renegade pose". Post-processing Tests Dghelneshi has been working on a post-processing setup for W3D. While not officially in the game yet, he hopes to have it in a reasonable state soon. "So far I have two kinds of effects running: tone mapping and color grading. The former is meant to help extend the dynamic range of the image, though with how lighting currently works in the engine it mostly just looks like a contrast enhancer. Color grading is a tool for artists to fine tune the mood of a level by adjusting the colors of the image. I also plan to make it possible to adjust this dynamically based on either gameplay events (e.g. Ion Storm) or zones (e.g. Barracks indoors gets different color grading than outdoors)." (without PostFX) (with PostFX) (without PostFX) (with PostFX) This is all running ingame, no Photoshop. With the completion of this setup, we can provide a more immersive experience into the world of Tiberian Sun. It can be as vibrant or as dreary as need be to fully capture the atmosphere of this bleak future. Kill Icons Borrowing a feature from APB, Reborn 2.0 will feature kill icons. ChopBam and OWA will be collaborating on this and are making steady progress. (Some icons may be subject to change for better visibility.) The feature has already made it ingame and we'll be going down the list of icons to complete it. Thank you for tuning in again for TSR news. More news to come as we continue on the road to release. Until next Thursday! Happy Treason Day! [blurb]Reborn news day! And even more, the 4th of July! Redone rifle animations, post-processing tests, and kill icons.[/blurb]
  8. Thank you all for your patience. I can promise you will not be disappointed with the new Mammoth Mk. II! Huge thanks to @OWA and co. for the amount of work they have put into this magnificent beast, and for this video showing off the changes. Special thanks also goes out to the Renegade X team for assisting with the animations! Enjoy! [blurb]Thank you all for your patience. I can promise you will not be disappointed with the new Mammoth Mk. II! Come check out the video![/blurb]
  9. Seems we had a bit of a break since the last TSR update. Someone may or may not have went on vacation without notifying the others. Whoops. Anyway, a small update of things happening. This post will have our high-res GDI mechs, a few more kill icons, and what to look forward to in the coming week. High-Res GDI Mechs Our GDI mechs have received the high-res treatment, especially the Mammoth Mk. II. What perhaps may have been an oversight for quite some time, we have changed the colour of its texture to more closely match the other GDI vehicles. More on the Mammoth Mk. II at the end of this post. "I'm a Mechanical Man" "GDI Mechs 2030" More Kill Icons Pushwall has lent a hand to ChopBam and OWA and provided more icons for use in our kill feed. In fact, I think we have all the icons we need and are finished! I believe we are still reviewing the full list for visibility, though otherwise we are completely set. Mammoth Mk. II Coming up next week, we have some big news to reveal of the Mammoth Mk. II. OWA has been putting in work to realize the full potential of this beast, and we have reached the end. Next week's update will have all the details on this. For now, I leave you with this. Do not be alarmed if you notice the towering monstrosity aiming its railguns at you. It's just testing its new weapons system. See you next Thursday![blurb]A small update of things happening. This post will have our high-res GDI mechs, a few more kill icons, and what to look forward to in the coming week.[/blurb]
  10. Unit reporting. This update brings more improved textures and a look at Nod's new Laser! Texture Improvements TSR 2.0 will not only play nicer, but look nicer! High Command wants you to compare these pairs of images and their texture differences, so please take a look. Tick Tank (Current) vs. Tick Tank (2.0) Attack Cycle (Current) vs. Attack Cycle (2.0) Wolverine (Current) vs. Wolverine (2.0) And this is just a sample of things to come! In the end product, a lot of our weapons and units will be much more better to look at! Some may argue this doesn't do much overall, though subtle improvements such as these make all the difference in giving you the best Tiberian Sun: Reborn yet. New Nod Laser Tired of having to replace the lasers and repair the base after each GDI attack, a lone Nod Engineer was drawing up a concept for improvements to better fend off the enemy. Below is what he came up with: The engineer has not been heard from since. Sources indicate he was killed in the same tunnel collapse that took Oxanna's life. Rest in peace. However, his input did bring to light the need for improvement. The old laser had a couple of issues that have been overlooked for quite some time. Namely, its hitbox was the size of an infantry unit making it difficult for GDI units to assault it. Combine that with the fact that GDI weapons are prone to jiggle and it becomes that much harder to hit. Another issue was the fact that GDI units can repair their Component Towers safely behind cover, whereas Nod units must expose themselves to enemy fire to get to their Laser defenses. Thus! A new design has been rolled out to Nod bases worldwide. While GDI units will be able to more easily hit the Laser, Nod units should now be able to repair their base defenses in relative safety, thereby prolonging the Turret's life during assaults. Units on repair duty should be mindful of the splash damage though! Thank you for checking in again. More TSR news to come! Tune in next Thursday! [blurb]Unit reporting. This update brings more improved textures and a look at Nod's new Laser![/blurb]
  11. Thursday again! This week in TSR news: the Mobile EMP tank, weapon updates, and bot support! The Mobile EMP As many may have guessed from last week's footage, the Nod strike team was in fact ambushed by GDI's newest weapon: the Mobile EMP. Highly effective in disabling Nod vehicles and Cyborgs, the Mobile EMP will be a valuable asset for GDI forces on the battlefield. As it is unarmed, it will require support from other GDI units so it may play its role in the field. Mind the recharge time of the EMP blast, as once Nod forces have discovered the Mobile EMP in the field, they will waste no time in seeking out and destroying it. Mobile EMP in-game It should be noted that while ingame, the Mobile EMP is not yet final as we dabble around in emitters and textures. Otherwise, our testers have made effective use of the tank and we are drawing positive feedback of its inclusion and capabilities. We hope you will enjoy using this unit as much as our testers have. Weapon Updates: Part One Through cunning ingenuity, we have modified some models to experiment with pistol variants! Currently only the engineers and technicians have pistols, though the concept on the table is expanding this and providing sidearms to various other characters. As Nod will have three pistol variants, so will GDI. However, it is still a concept and may not see final release. As part of our updating process, the Burazu-zu Plasma Rifle wielded by the Nod Confessor has been cleaned up and given more style. The Brotherhood's finest warriors deserve the best equipment, after all! More weapon updates to come! Bot Support While I posted around TS:R news on ModDB and elsewhere, the question of bot support came up a couple of times. In response to that, please take a look at this image. Advanced bot support will be included in TS:R 2.0 in both offensive and defensive capability! While this image features only repair bots at work, notice the various characters responding in chat. I will provide more visuals of bot support and bots in action in a later update. That about wraps it up for this Thursday! The Reborn team thanks you for your continued patience and promise you will not be disappointed by the release! For pressing questions or inquiries, please post here and we will be happy to answer. [blurb]Thursday again! This week in TSR news: the Mobile EMP tank, weapon updates, and bot support![/blurb]
  12. <<<Incoming Transmission>>> Concerning news, brothers. We have recently lost contact with one of our strike teams -- their status: unknown. We have only this piece of footage from the field before communications went dark. We do not yet know what to make of this, though soon intel will discover more. Be advised. [blurb]Concerning news, brothers. We have recently lost contact with one of our strike teams -- their status: unknown.[/blurb] <<<Transmission Offline>>>
  13. Good welcome, citizens. This Thursday we are bringing to you a broadcast, a look at our rescaled Juggernaut, and our improved shotgun logic. Thank you for listening. The Juggernaut has been rescaled and its deploy and walking animations are smoother than ever. "Unit ready." Thanks to CMDBob, we now also have improved shotgun logic for our GDI Riot Troopers. You can now reload shells individually and stop when you need, should the enemy not allow you the opportunity to fully reload. Development is currently at full speed, and you can expect much more to come in the following days! It could be anything; a map preview, testing footage, a simple screenshot, or another Oxanna report! Check back again Thursday for the next TS:R news update! [blurb]Good welcome, citizens. This Thursday we are bringing to you a broadcast, a look at our rescaled Juggernaut, and our improved shotgun logic.[/blurb]
  14. <<Incoming Transmission>> Source: Today's Execution Priority: Low Scramble Index: None Our forces were recently ambushed by those detestable shiners. Recovering their equipment after our victory, our soldiers noticed something peculiar. Stay alert, brothers. Do not allow your weapons to fall into the hands of those unworthy of Kane. [blurb]Our forces were recently ambushed by those detestable shiners. Recovering their weapons after our victory, our soldiers noticed something peculiar about their weapons.[/blurb] <<<Transmission Offline>>>
  15. <<<Incoming Transmission>>> Source: Viper's Nest Actual Priority: Monarch Scramble Index: Bravo-Tango-4 We have received new findings from our operatives in the field concerning the GDI Barracks. Aerial recon has noted changes to their exterior, and Agent Hasak has once again infiltrated a nearby GDI base to provide us information of the interior. Standby for visual feed.[blurb]We have received new findings from our operatives in the field concerning the GDI Barracks.[/blurb] <<Begin Visual Feed>> <<End Visual Feed>> Analysis indicates that the GDI Barracks' interior has been greatly expanded on in an effort to better accommodate their own rank-and-file troops. Nod strategists anticipate a boost in GDI infantry morale, although our warriors of Nod will always best them in combat. Attacking forces are advised to be wary of ambushes from behind the weapons lockers and beds. Agent Hasak has proved himself as invaluable as ever in providing us this intel. In the name of Kane! <<<Transmission Offline>>>
  16. So hey guys, first time poster long time admirer of this community. My question is: does anyone know the exact remix of "When I Rock" does the original team use in the beta trailer for Reborn from like way back when. I remember the Mammoth Mk2 wasn't even skinned yet. I have ripped it from You tube but the audio quality is crappy. I was wondering if anyone had a higher quality version or the exact remix it was to get it myself! Thanks!
  17. https://soundcloud.com/user-193337613/terminal-2080 And "2080", as you may guess, is an instrument from Roland soundbank.
  18. Found this Remixed Version of Mechanical man a while back, and i figured, wouldn't it sound awesome in Reborn as a map song? Dunno if new Songs are always welcomed for Reborn or not, cos i heard a while ago the Main Menu for Reborn was gonna get a song change.
  19. <<<Incoming Transmission>>> Source: Cobra's Nest Actual Priority: Viceroy Scramble Index: Foxtrot-Beta-9 Intel has discovered that GDI has undertaken a redesign of their detestable War Factory, unlike what our operatives on the field have encountered thus far. One of our Black Hand operatives, codename "Hasak", has managed to infiltrate a nearby GDI base in the area and we have received his findings via comlink. <<Begin Visual Feed>> <<End Visual Feed>> Hasak's initial analysis shows that the master control terminal has been moved to an upper location, much like our own Nod War Factory. The hangar area appears to have been repurposed as a Wolverine maintenance bay. Also, a large area has been opened up in the back and what appears to be a surplus of vehicular components are now stored there. Observations have noted that the production speed of the War Factory has not been affected by these changes. <<<Transmission Offline>>> [blurb]#Incoming Transmission# [Source: Cobra's Nest Actual] [Priority: Viceroy] [Subject: GDI War Factory Alterations] #Requesting Acknowledgement#[/blurb] [thumb]thumb_tsr.d.png[/thumb]
  20. This will be my place-holder topic for anything i make related that is? or could be utilized for Reborn or W3D hub completely free and welcomed of use without credit on my behalf, Signatures, Banners, Signs, Textures, wallpapers, Feel free to use it, i'll upload it all to here if it upload it to my DA Page. if i feel like making or contributing some Textures, or stuff, png format, or general stuff to placed on stuff like signs etc. Anything i make will be posted here. (Including the Banners W3D Hub are using) *Which i was surprised* Thread will be updated with new assets and whatnot whenever i make them and or upload them to my DA page I Mostly make signatures, check my Deviant Art-page (Mostly Requests and Freelance) https://edd000.deviantart.com/gallery/ But i don't mind contributing to whatever. I'm not the best, but i can make stuff! Anything that will help.
  21. TSR is firing up again and we are starting to really change some game-play mechanics. So we have decided to open this topic as a Q&A, so maybe we can clear up any concerns or questions you may have. This can also be a place to discuss ideas and suggestions. So, don't be scared to speak up. Any questions you have will be answered in a timely manner.
  22. [blurb]Good welcome, citizens! More reports on Tiberian Sun Reborn 2.0 have surfaced! Intel indicates the team has received assistance from an outside source, and additionally a view of alternate vehicle cameras, a new Nod building, and something else our agents have yet to decipher.[/blurb] <<< Incoming Transmission >>> Good welcome, citizens! More reports on Tiberian Sun Reborn 2.0 have surfaced! Intel indicates the team has received assistance from an outside source, and additionally a view of alternate vehicle cameras, a new Nod building, and something else our agents have yet to decipher. Timeaua's Contributions Renowned fan mapper, Timeaua, has collaborated with the Reborn team and has provided his map source files for 2.0. His maps, if you are unfamiliar, were Tiber, Dam, and Omega City. Expect to see these maps updated and shipping out with release! We thank you for your maps and assets Timeaua! Alt Cameras Pushwall happened to find time outside of developing APB and brought alternate vehicle cameras over to Reborn. GDI Wolverine GDI Titan Nod Attack Buggy Nod Attack Bike Other vehicles may receive alternate cameras, although it is yet to be determined which if not all vehicles will receive this. Nod Repair Station In order to repair their vehicles, Nod has had to resort to assigning a soldier to man the Mobile Repair Vehicle. In order to free up manpower, Nod has designed a Repair Station that will be included in Nod bases across the globe. Concept image by Ice. Expect more updates on this and how it will fit into existing bases. Corrupted Data Regarding the last part of the intel we have received, it appears to be garbled. Our agents are attempting to unscramble this visual feed and see what information we can get out of this. Until it can be deciphered, this is all that we have. And that does it for this update! Tune in next time for more to come as we continue on the road to release!
  23. [blurb]Good welcome, citizens! Battle Grid Response has received reports of progress on Tiberian Sun: Reborn 2.0. Intel indicates a look at Limpet Drones, the Mutant Hijacker's new tool, and the prospect for the GDI Riot Trooper.[/blurb] <<<Incoming Transmission>>> Good welcome, citizens! Battle Grid Response has received reports of progress on Tiberian Sun: Reborn 2.0. Intel indicates a look at Limpet Drones, the Mutant Hijacker's new tool, and the prospect for the GDI Riot Trooper. Limpet Drones First appearing in Firestorm, the Limpet Drone is a reconnaissance unit utilised by both GDI and Nod. Initially designed to uncover stealthed Nod bases, the Limpet Drone relays tactical information from the battlefield from its sensor and camera equipment. Even before being brought on as full staff, Ice was working with TSR Lead Producer Wallywood on the Limpet Drones. Mutant Hijacker Wrench Nod Mutant Hijackers are notorious for effortlessly breaking into any GDI vehicle and making it their own amidst the confusion of the battlefield. Being caught in the crossfire however usually leaves their prizes with some scratches and damage. For this reason, Mutant Hijackers have procured wrenches that will allow field repairs on their newfound rides. Numerous hijackings and equally numerous repairs have left their wrenches as worn out as their rusty crowbars, yet it gets the job done. Riot Trooper Shield The GDI Riot Trooper as we have noticed appears to have trouble in the open battlefield. While the Riot Trooper naturally excels in close-quarters combat, his survivability is greatly reduced when left out in the open. To alleviate this, there are plans to provide the Riot Trooper with an appropriate Riot Shield. This will greatly increase his survivability in the field. Ice is currently working on the Riot Shield, as well as working on a Nod Repair Station. More on the latter in another update. Shield preview by Ice. Early WIP. It should be noted that the Imperial Age guys have already gotten this down for their infantry. Check out Imperial Age if you haven't already and explore the amazing things @dblaney1 and @Kaskins have done with their project! That is it for this update! In the next update expect news of a certain fan mapper among other things. Peace through power citizens! One Vision. One Purpose. <<<End Transmission>>>
  24. Steadily on the road to TSR 2.0! A welcome to a new team member and a new structure for Nod. Tiberian Sun: Reborn August 2016 Update Hey everyone! We have said TSR 2.0 was happening, and it is! That said, the team has a couple of updates they would like to fill you in on. New Team Addition First and foremost, a welcome to our newest team member. An experienced and talented artist, @Sentry has come on board to contribute to the project. Sentry will be providing new models and structures to Reborn, and is already showing quality work! As you can see, new buildings are planned to be included in 2.0. Purchase Terminals In more contributions, @Mauler has provided new and modified Purchase Terminals for Nod and GDI. As part of the visual overhaul for 2.0, every thing from vehicles and buildings right down to the PCTs themselves will be seeing improvements. Not only that, but Mauler has something else to show! Although you may already have a good guess from looking at the Nod screen. Nod Tech Center Another new building which you can expect to see in the upcoming version - the Nod Tech Center! Modeled by @Mauler, the Tech Center will be tied to Nod's higher-tier units such as the Cyborg Commando, making this a vital structure on full-arsenal maps. The layout itself is done, both interior and exterior. The model has been provided and will be seeing a full texture soon. More to come! Great things are in store for the new version. There is much more happening behind the scenes, and we're excited to show you those as they finish! Tiberian Sun: Reborn 2.0 will be worth the wait! Stay tuned for more updates and news from the team.
  25. Tiberian Sun: Reborn is back! Check this news post for more information. Announcement Hey everyone. A lot of people have been questioning the future of Reborn, and what has been going on behind the scenes. I am here today to clear a lot of things up and present to you a small preview as to what we have planned for the next major update for Reborn. Bear with me if this is a lot of reading, but it will be worth it. Behind closed doors A lot of you know that this game is a hobby for us so, sometimes real life steps in the way of that. This past year, I have been struggling with a lot of real life issues. These have included: A hand surgery, unemployment, and even the loss of my father; all this while trying to maintain a healthy family environment. So--needless to say--these things have taken up the majority of my time. Much like life, even the roughest storms will calm, and life starts to level out. With this hobbies can become relevant again. I am proud to announce the team has begun work on the Tiberian Sun: Reborn release! What does this mean? What this means is that we will be going in and revising the entire game to prep it for what could be considered a final release. Now that does not mean that this is it or that future items will not be implemented. But rather the game will feel complete and we would be able to add future items that would not directly effect the core of the game. The idea would be much like APB's Delta release. To where, things could still be balanced or added on a whim without disrupting its current game play. What can I expect? You can expect several things in the new release, including (but not limited to):A complete overhaul of the gameplay and balance, making TSR more fun overall! A complete redo of several of our buildings and units! Perhaps even some new ones! Overhauls to existing maps, reintroduction of some old maps, and even some new maps! Some brand new features to make your TSR more interesting! And of course, bug fixes. Closing We are still working out most of the details regarding TSR 2.0 and hope to have more updates for the public soon. Including pictures, videos, and in depth details about what to expect in this future build. We are sorry it has taken this long to address the public but given the circumstances. I hope everyone can understand why. Thank you all for your continued support. We can't wait to see you on the battlefield! Also I did manage to find this great video of One Winged Angel boxing in his room.
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