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Found 2 results

  1. Version 0.46


    This is the current public beta version of the W3D-Asterisk Connect Tool - A direct connect tool built to be a spiritual successor to the legacy RenIP connect tool. This tool is compatible with all Renegade W3D-engine mods. It includes: A universal server connect tool, compatible with all Renegade-based mods on the W3D engine. A universal single-player game launcher. Save an entry for all of your W3D-based games and easily run them from here! The ability to save multiple server profiles for quickly changing between your various favorite games and servers. Multiple config options (with many more to come!) so that you can have things just the way you like them. An IRC !auth feature for players with protected nicknames. No more joining IRC just to run one command and leave, this will do it for you! Many features are still being developed. Stay tuned for updates! Still to come! GSA query Themes (re-worked, better than before!)
  2. Alright guys, I had planned to keep this little project under wraps a little longer, but in light of the current launcher issues, I have decided to let this thing out into the wild a little early. Disclaimer: This tool is in no way affiliated with W3D-Hub or its developers or staff (except for me because its mine). This tool is not intended to be a W3D-Hub launcher replacement, and by nature can not fulfill the role of a launcher because it is by design different. It is a connect tool. There is a difference. This tool is provided as-is with no warranty, express or implied. This tool is a work in progress, and is considered to be in a 'beta' state currently. In May of last year, I began working on a simple direct connect tool that would be compatible with Renegade and any other mod running on the W3D engine. It was a simple idea, and it didn't take me long to produce something tangible. This is the first version that worked (I think) and I completed it on May 30 (notice the version number). It fulfills the basic function of directly connecting to a server and thats it! Then someone said, "hey, why don't you add (X feature)..? That would be cool..". So I added (X feature). Then someone else said "hey, why don't you add (Y feature)..? That would be cool..". So with a little bit of feedback from a handful of people, I made some changes and reiterations, and had a few new ideas of my own along the way. Eventually, it actually started to look alright. The first few versions were pretty hideous, as you can see from that screenshot. I realized that I might actually want to make it look nice, so I enlisted the services of Isaac The Madd to design me a logo! Skipping forward several iterations, a few hundred lines of code, and hours of headbanging because I suck at coding, I finally had something that I was (almost) pleased with. Citizens of W3D-Hub and the rest of the Renegade modding world, I give you the W3D-Asterisk Connect tool beta version 0.31! I have done everything I can to make this tool flow with an easy-to-use design. Here is a short list of features: The tool will retain the last set of data that was used to connect to a server. It supports saving/editing/deleting multiplayer profiles, so you can keep an entry for every server you play on, and easily edit the info if it changes. It has an option to close the tool upon connection, or leave it open. It supports additional launch commands. (useful for developers) It has themes. (this is not really useful, but I thought why not make it look nice) Its better than a batch file Bugs.... As mentioned above, this version is being released because I feel like the community needs it, even though I'm not quite finished with it. There are a few things that aren't yet "right" about it, but instead of telling you, I'm going to let you tell me. PM me here with any bugs you find, or find my email in the help menu of the program (where it falsely says "version 1.0" because I had not intended on releasing this while still in beta). I hope some of you will find this useful, and I hope that the ones of you that do not find it useful will tell me what I can do to improve it! Here's the download already!
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