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Blog #95

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Hey and welcome to a late War of Assassins blog, sorry for a late but we hope you enjoy it!




LR01 has been busy modeling the Atreides pistol, each House has it's own pistol to keep a unique feel.








I have been busy working on the remake of Aprit Chard due to remaking all of my old maps and trying to add more to them!


Take a look at these WIPs.









LR01 hasn't been happy with the Minotaurus model for sometime after remaking the Mongoose and we agreed that it was just not making the mark. So he has started remake it with a lot of detail added in!


Check out the new model.






Team Notices


I have been very busy with work due to two people on holiday and the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2!


LR01 has been busy with the new Mino model and some weapons with the build on top of that.


Seadust is working on the Harkonnen Windtrap texture.


cnc95fan is around here somewhere..





Battle for Dune is looking for Texture Artists, Infantry Modelers and Unwrappers! So if you like what you see and want to help out, then please pm me on moddb or on our forums here, register and show us some of your recent work.

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Cool ^^


@LR01: Didnt i see that Mino before??? (you sended it as example or something?)

Pistol still looks a bit clumsy imo

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Guest rs4015


damn that mino is looking badass , but its still a wip so there is much more improvement to come :p

i made a note about the pistol in internals

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