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  1. This Are we sure he isn't sneaking some actual photographs in there? ;D The way of rendering them out really adds to the scene as a whole as well. E.g. the low light camera sensor grain really makes it feel like someone took a photo of it.
  2. Very little lately. In the middle of painting, building a kitchen, doing electrical wiring etc. Living/sleeping space is the only thing pretty much done haha. If I can find a bit of spare time I'll see what I can do to retrieve/update what I had. Pretty much. Basically all we've been able to find/retrieve so far has been put up. If you know or have any missing ones, they can be added as well.
  3. From version 2.19 of Wine i.c.w. launcher version 0.7.5.x and up I believe most blocking issues preventing it from running, or at least somewhat without crashing, have been resolved. Good chances you can get it running in Wine now relatively easily compared to before that point. I had planned to update what I had already made accordingly but with version 0.8 of the launcher the way it has been packaged has changed so several things I set up no longer work. If I get around to it somewhere this week I may put something up for those that want to try to run things on Linux. DISCLAIMER: Running on Wine/Linux is not officially supported by W3DHub so any crashes you can not reproduce on Windows will probably not be looked at by anyone.
  4. Don't play much (and rarely but that goes for gaming in general lately ) but feel free to add me. Omar007#2202 I'm always playing in the European region unless I'm specifically joining someone that's in another region.
  5. You might want to update the copy/paste text you posted to just state the text you need to append after the last quote. I know tons of people that do not use 'C:\' for things other than core system software and a few that put games in 'Games' instead of 'Program Files' (or 'Program Files (x86)'). As soon as they would just copy/paste the instructions, it'd just break things.
  6. I have 2 DLC type keys available for some F2P online games. Just grab whichever you want (though leaving a message that you took one would be nice for the next person ) Gotham City Impostors Free to Play: Professional Impostor Kit Steam: 5ANYG-TZ4QK-2THK9 Crossout - Thug Starter Pack (expires December 31, 2017) Gaijin.net: 3G6KR-5N1XT-1WHNS-DU291-9Q9NC-JRJW6 https://support.humblebundle.com/hc/en-us/articles/115007897228
  7. Batman: Arkham Origins is cheap on BundleStars. Get it while it's available: https://www.bundlestars.com/en/bundle/batman-arkham-origins-complete-pack On a sidenote, I already owned the base game but none of the DLC so I bought it for the DLC. As such, I have a code for the base game available. First to send me a PM asking for it can get it
  8. I completely agree with JigglyJie. Stealing from silos should always be possible but it should be less profitable than stealing from a Refinery.
  9. The Arch Linux forums: https://bbs.archlinux.org/ The Unreal Engine forums (sometimes): https://forums.unrealengine.com/ XDA Developers (when I need a ROM or other Phone mods): http://forum.xda-developers.com/
  10. If I'm entirely honest I think the tanks are looking a bit too shiny, especially when attached to the train. They look too new. With the train looking used/worn down and those tanks that almost look like they just tried to polish them up, I think the look/relation between the two could've been improved by decreasing the difference of the 'newness' between the train and tanks. It's a very nice scene nonetheless though.
  11. The (new) Reborn theme seems to work fine; nice and dark as well as using more of my screen for content so that's nice as well
  12. Afaik XWIS is the one running Westwood Online. They do nothing GSA related.
  13. @Einstein; that has been me most likely as well The last state of the changes I had to make were good. Things were working with mostly just cosmetic issues. I'll check my changes against the latest versions and update where needed. Hopefully this can be pushed upstream some time as well. That aside, with what's currently publicly available, your best option right now is to install the games under Windows and copy them over. The games themselves should work fine under WINE.
  14. Granted but those heroes also get nerfed into oblivion so there is no reason to ever play them at all. I wish I didn't have to RMA my Vive controllers
  15. You can also set your browser's user agent to "GOGGalaxyClient/" and visit the site as usual to get it
  16. Not natively but afaik WINE should work on Mac as well. Currently working on that for Linux (see previous 'tease' post). This should not be to hard to run in Mac after that as well, though I will not be able to test that as I do not own any Mac system at all.
  17. Personally I'd say it's fine but I had the same opinion with Windows 8 tbh.. But if you prefer Windows 7 over Windows 8 then you'll probably be fine with Windows 10 as well. I don't recall whether or not you could rollback after installation but otherwise you could always clone your HDD, update to Windows 10 and if you're not happy put the cloned image back. That said, I personally barely use Windows nowadays. Since I've moved to Linux I only used Windows for 2 reasons so far; 1) gaming, 2) coding with the W3D Hub Launcher to get it to run on Linux (/me points to tease at page 2).
  18. Seriously. The detail on that thing is just amazing!
  19. The file servers prevent directory access afaik. You can only access the specific files on the servers. For anyone interested, the general url format for the file location seems to be: http://media1.gamefront.com/[uploadername]/[year]/[month]/[day]/[file.ext]
  20. I have no idea what most of the terms mean but it was quite interesting to watch the process anyway. If I wasn't on the other side of the globe where that was during the night on a working day I'd probably have checked it out. Instead I watched the past broadcast version
  21. Am I the only one that has just/only used WOL in the game itself to join servers? You could create a topic in the support forums for your RenList issue. Maybe someone can help you out with that. https://secure.w3dhub.com/forum/index.php?showforum=148 Also, welcome!
  22. I honestly can't wait to see it fully textured
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