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Add sound emitter to an object


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Author: Di3HardNL

Skill level: 2



Allright this tutorial shows how you can make a sound object which you can attach to an object (Like vehicles,structures and weapons)



Open W3dviewer

- Click 'Sound' and then Create Sound Object

- Name the file however you like best

- Browse for you MP3 or WAV files (put them to your LE project folder or your game's Data folder if they are not inside always.dat)

- Play around with the settings untill you think its good, you can always change it afterwards if it isn't what you wish.

- Export the Sound Object.


Open RenX

- Create a box and name it however you named your Sound Object file.

- At the W3d settings of this box only select 'Export Geometry'

- Below the Geometry settings select 'Aggregate'

- Then LINK the box to some object which you have opened in RenX.


Export and enjoy :D


If you still can't work it out PM me on www.renegadeforums.com


Slave was the guy who explained it on renegadeforums.com, so he takes the actual credits.

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