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Hello guys, some of you may remember me, some of you won't, some may like me, some may not.

I was away the last half year or so busy with personal life and issues. I have since returned to MPF a while ago to start working on the APB server for Delta together with unknown, Goldy58 and sla.ro

As you know we had a server online for RA: APB Gamma with custom content such as our Co-op & custom maps and a somewhat basic ranking and veterancy system.

We have worked our butts off a few weeks to get our code and maps ported over to Delta in the SDK for APB Delta.

We would like to see our server listed on the W3D Hub Listing, too bad this process isn't automatic, could someone who has access to the listing add our server with the following name:

MPF - Multiplayerforums.com AOW/Co-op


IP:Port =

GSAQueryPort = 23310


Thanks in advance,


peace, zunnie.

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