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Renegade Idea


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I got an idea, This might be dumb, or its in the works or it's the works(BFD:WOA). 


But my idea, I would help create it if i knew how too. 


Renegade: Dune 2000, it would be cool af, to hear the sounds and be able to be the unit on the ground. have the 3 sides and 3 bases, 3 teams battling it out on maps for the Spice!


I really think it would be really awesome and i know for a fact i would play it. 

I always liked Dune, watched the movie when I was a kid. upgrade your unit like you can in CNC: Renegde, Watch your vehicle get created from a 1st person or 3rd person view. watch the sandworms attack units outside the base and watch them attack the base, then the team has to go and defend them off. Add upgrades so you can put concrete down etc. 

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@TeamWolf can probably give you the sweet details, but we do have a Dune game in the works, although it's based on Emperor: Battle for Dune rather than Dune 2000. We're working hard to make sure as many cool features get into the game (including Sandworms), although we don't have 3 teams working well quite yet, so for the time being, it's going to be classic Atreides vs Harkonnen.

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