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3ds Max 8 GUI Issue

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I have a small issue in 3ds Max 8 that's making my development slow down. Screen shot below! When I want to move an object around, and I right click that object and select "Move", the directional arrows have changed to red, and I have to move the object by clicking and dragging, and it's hard to select that "sweet spot" to move things around.
I'm sure I toggled a setting by accident, but before when I would select "Move", the directional arrows I think were Green, Blue & Yellow, and there were even small colored boxes in between if you wanted to move the object on 2 axis at the same time.

Can anyone help me get this back to normal?



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Hi trunkskgb,

I think perhaps you have accidentally press the button "X" to toggle off the pivot. Press X again to toggle back.


If you still cannot find the red, green and blue arrows. ( Note they are called Gizmo/Pivot ).

For this press click on views -> Show transform gizmo.


Hope it helps.



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Your field of view and camera settings trigger me. :v

Make sure you work in perspective view for creating assets in this engine, else you easily lose sight on your scene in relation to how it is suppose to look in-game. Also you can raise your FoV in Customize -> Viewport Configuration -> Field of View (bottom right). Anything below 45 will give you an extremely limited view on your scene.

If you're running Windows 7 and are therefore not hamstrung by Max 8 <-> Windows 10 compatibility issues, you should also look into improving your texture lookup so you do not get such blurry textures in your scene. You can do that at Customize -> Preferences -> Viewports tab -> (Choose Driver should be OpenGL) -> Configure Driver -> Texture settings flag "Match bitmap as close as possible". Disable if you do have performance issues.

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