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Map release: C&C_Goldcourse_WIP1

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A small golf-themed map with infantry-capturable turrets in the centre, intended to dominate the field against vehicles.  May contain visceroids.



This map is a Work In Progress: I'd like to see what people think of the overall map concept and layout before I attempt making things pretty.

Many maps follow a "two path" design, where the infantry can weave in and out of both paths but the vehicles can only use the larger one.  This map is an attempt to make obtaining vehicle 'control' of the major route more complicated (and affected by the minor route).

Various curiosities:

  • A chemsprayer that doesn't shoot "through" the terrain visually, and a general appreciation of projectile (ammo) elasticity.
  • Objects with curious physics. 
  • A minified airstrip.
  • Absolutely zero secrets

I wanted to name the map C&C_Golfcourse, but it turns out ACK beat me to it.  In the tradition of my username I named the map something difficult to spell until you pay particular attention to the order of the letters >:D

Thankyou to scripts authors: namely Danpaul88 for dp88_AI_Turret, Blaney for DB_capturable_object, and Jonwil for helping me with my long lists of LE/W3D issues.

Known problems

(1) Airstrip drops do not drive out as far as expected.  I'm not sure if this is due to a hardcoded timeout (slow vehicles are more affected) or the sudden drop.

(2) WF has a few glowly-yellow decals floating above it where the chimneys normally are. 

(3) Bad meshing of the two golf greens (note the dark areas).  I'm fighting Gmax when it comes to cuttings and small polygons.


The turrets on this map need scripts 4.x to work.  Scripts 4.x is not bundled with this map,  download it from TiberianTechnologies.org.


AKA "oh god, I've never thought about how licensing for community maps works."

This .mix file contains original artwork, 3d models and other assets.  This material is under a Creative Commons BY SA license, copyright William Hales 2019.  Use a tool like XCC mixer or RenegadeEx to identify and view this content.

This map uses and references material from C&C Renegade, Copyright 2002 Electronic Arts Inc. You need a copy of this game+data to play the map.

This map uses scripts from TT Scripts 4.x (GPL, source available online).  This map, as far as I can tell, only references ("links") to scripts, however I may be incorrect.


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hmm I wonder why this map looks almost exactly the same map as the interim apex map with the tunnels in the middle with daylight well its a new map surely this is a new map the only difference is the golf course 

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Topology wise: it's very similar to many maps.  Both C&C_Field and C&C_Under have one open route, one infantry route and some overlap in the middle.  EDIT: many IA maps follow this too.

Texture wise: yes it's going to look like other maps.  I've kept the custom texture count low, it's mostly using default renegade textures.  If this map turns out to be any fun then I'll make the main map geometry prettier.

Hopefully I'll be able to give this a play online against others soon.  I'll contact DB and see if he is kind enough to put it up on his ttfs. 

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