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Skin spotlight: Nod Expressions, Red Carpet, Nyan Cat C130

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Released in December 2002, Nod expressions are some skins I like to use with IA to make my low-caliber vehicles seem a bit kinder.  How couldn't you love that transport copter? 

Original download link .  Mirror: nod_expressions.zip

The author for this pack is listed as "RenegadeZone" Diane, which I think might have been James Bunting's partner.  Kudos to them for keeping this site online, so many skins on other sites have been lost to the internet dark ages.


I didn't like the Nod buggy skin in this pack so I made my own variant a while back:


Download: v_nod_buggy_.dds


For those that find the hard, cold floors of Nod buildings oppressive: delight yourself in luxurious, thick red velvet carpet:


I have no idea who made this skin, I've lost track of the original archive.  Nonetheless it's kept me warm and comfortable for many years, so I'd like to share it, and hope that I will rediscover the anonymous upholsterer so I can attribute them properly.  EDIT: compression has utterly destroyed this screenshot, it looks much nicer than shown.

Download: gd_flor.dds


Finally, I had a bit too much spare time at the Nod air-depo a few years back:


It's amazing how many airframe washes some crayons can last.

Download: 19_c130.dds

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