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Battle for Dune: War of Assassins Infantry Release Patch


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Hey everyone!

Patch is now live and on the server! This patch addresses a few map issues in terms of stuck spots and some graphical issues (still working on the strange mesh flickering on BFD_CQT_SihayaRidge) and a few crashes that people have been experiencing! We're still tracking down the cause of the other crashes, thank you for being patient with us!! change list:

- Removed Shader Cache
- Removed screen countdown display on Timed Sabotage Devices (was casuing crashes)
- Fixed a crash causing error around Ammo Swapping code
- Change Harkonnen Submachine Gun muzzle position to have same height offset as Atreides Submachine Gun vs the sights positioning (this should make them feel similar)
- Fixed being able to shoot the Atreides Barracks from just outside the Harkonnen Base on BFD_LonelyRoad
- Fixed stuck spot at the back of the Atreides Base on BFD_LonelyRoad
- Decreased Atreides Wingtip Shotgun damage from 12.5 > 12
- Increased Atreides Wingtip Shotgun Inner Spray Angle Ratio from 0 > .33
- Increased Atreides Wingtip Shotgun Inner Spray from 0 > 4
- Increased Harkonnen Mutilator Shotgun Inner Spray from 0 > 10
- Decreased Harkonnen Mutilator Shotgun Outer Outer Spray from 18 > 14
- Increased Harkonnen Mutilator Shotgun Inner Spray Angle Ratio from 0 > 0.5
- Fixed stuck spot on A Capture Point on BFD_CQT_ClifftopPass
- Deleted grey cube between Harkonnen spawn and C Capture Point on BFD_CQT_ClifftopPass
- Slightly moved C Capture Point towards the Atreides spawn on BFD_CQT_ClifftopPass
- Added Projectile Collision blocker in front of Atreides Silos on BFD_CQT_SihayaRidge
- Added some cover to the Harkonnen approach to A and B Capture Point on BFD_CQT_SihayaRidge
- Added more dead Glowblobes to BFD_CQT_SihayaRidge
- Replaced non-tiling rock texture on BFD_CQT_SihayaRidge
- Added additional building to Temple Level for Line of Sight break on BFD_CQT_SihayaRidge
- Moved Out of Bounds warning boundary closer to map boarders near the Pyrimid on BFD_ZidarValley
- Added support to show loading status for clients that are in the game but haven't finished

Another patch update down, now go and enjoy your Spice Coffees!

[blurb]In the latest patch for Battle for Dune: War of Assassins Infantry Release we address some map stuck points and visual issues, along with some of the crashes people have been experiencing! [/blurb]

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