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Battle for Dune: War of Assassins Patch - Thinking Machines

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Update – Thinking Machines

After many months of silence, we are happy to release a new patch to Battle for Dune: War of Assassins, the Thinking Machines update!

In this patch we’ve improved how the AI plays, we’ve also added 5 AI players per side for standard maps and new Bot versions of each map, each containing 16 AI players per side! Play these new Bot maps in Multiplayer Lan.
Along side this, we’ve also increased the Capture Point tick allocation rate, to make Conquest maps finish faster. In addition, the Flamethrower Infantry’s Flamethrower has had a slight damage and range nerf, hopefully bringing him more inline with the overall balance and better to play against!

We’ve also fixed various map bugs such as floating objects and a couple stuck locations. Overall, we hope you find this update creates a better gameplay experience across the board, and you don’t let the Unholy Machines in the Likeness of a Human Mind get the better of you!

Full change list for Update – Thinking Machines:

  • Increased Tick Points from 1 > 2
  • Increased Conquest Tick Interval from 2 > 3
  • AI no longer jump in combat.
  • Created BFD_CQT_ClifftopPass_Bot.
  • Created BFD_CQT_HaggaGulch_Bot.
  • Created BFD_CQT_SihayaRidge_Bot.
  • Created BFD_CQT_TsimpoVaillage_Bot.
  • Created BFD_LonelyRoad_Bot.
  • Cretaed BFD_ZidarValley_Bot.
  • Reduced Flamethrower Damage from 3.59 > 2.5
  • Reduced Flamethrower Range from 25 > 22
  • Fixed BFD_CQT_ClifftopPass damage zones not working.
  • Disabled Portal Pathfinding Generating for Doors (this fixes AI not working on Building maps).
  • 5 AI players will now spawn on each team, until players replace them.
  • Fixed floating crates on BFD_CQT_ClifftopPass
  • Increased all infantry Step Height from 0.25 > 0.35
  • Fixed stuck spot on BFD_CQT_ClifftopPass near C
  • Slightly adjusted sandstorm settings for BFD_ZidarValley

[blurb]After many months of silence, we are happy to release a new patch to Battle for Dune: War of Assassins, the Thinking Machines update!
This update contains AI Players on maps, map fixes, Capture Point points allocation increase and Flamethrower balance![/blurb]
See you out on the dunes of Arrakis!

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