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  • World Domination Tour


    World Domination Tour/Global Conquest is a W3D game mode (WIP) that lets players form teams and play games against other teams in order to gain control over countries in a continent of the Earth.
    For example in APB, the teams fight over domination of Europe.


    1. Summary

    • Teams have to sign up for the game to play.
    • When it starts, participating teams are given starting countries equally.
    • The game is played by teams attacking eachother's territory, trying to take over them by winning battles ingame.
    • Attacks go in turns in the order teams signed up for game. The first team attacks first, then the next one, etc.
      In short, each team in every round has a chance to conquer 1 country, while also having to defend their own ones from enemy attacks.
    • The game ends when either 1 team owns all countries or the number of rounds played has reached the limit (e.g. 10) - then the team owning the most countries wins.



    2. Preparations

    Before the game can be played, teams need to register to play (minimum 2, maximum 5).

    Currently the teams are clans. If clan leaders log in on the ranks webpage and navigate to the Conquest menu, they can register their team to play by pressing the 'Join game' button.


    3. Initializing the game

    After enough teams have registered, the game can be initialized by a game moderator from ingame or IRC by using the !conquest command.
    This command locks the partaking teams, hands out countries to all teams equally and automatically sets the next (first) battle.
    The countries from here on are colorized to display their owner.




    The first battle is always an attack done by the first team that registered for the game. The system automatically picks an enemy country next to one of their own countries.

    Note: the game/match/map where the game was initialized is not part of the game mode.

    4. Playing the game - World map status

    The game mode starts after the battle has ended on which the mode was initialized with the !conquest command.
    The clan leader of the next attack has a maximum timeframe of 5 minutes after the first initialization and at the start of every battle to change which country they want to attack by clicking a flashing country on the web.
    Decide fast if your team is also involved in the currently active battle!

    Additionally before selecting a country to attack, clan leaders can build a Refinery or a War Factory in one of their countries in their turn. If they forgot to build one they will be able to build one more later, when their turn comes again. Refineries will grant an amount of global credits per round that can be spent to send reinforcements to other countries, besides that defenders of a country under attack will be donated 100 starting credits each one if a Refinery was previously built in that territory. There is no limit to the number of Refineries that can be built in a country and the more Refineries, the more global credits a team will get every round but the starting credits will still be limited to 100 for each player. On the other hand, the number of War Factories that can be built is limited to one and their only function is to provide reinforcements to other countries, this means that teams may call in reinforcements in a battle where one of its neighboring countries has a War Factory building.

    Clan leaders must be careful where they place buildings, as loosing a country will result in loosing the buildings too, because they will turn into enemy property!



    Note: picking the next country to attack is not only strategically important (choke points, locking enemy teams away, etc.) but it also decides what map exactly is going to be played. Each country has an assigned ingame map - hover over the countries to see them.

    Attacking rules:

    • Your team can attack a country if it is next to one your owned countries (and is not currently under attack by another team).
    • You can NOT launch your attack from a country that is currently under attack! (Except if there are only 2 teams left and you only have 1 country left - but of course you will not have a chance for your next attack if you fail to defend it in the current battle)
    Note: it is not a problem if the clan leader forgets to choose a country. One is always picked automatically, but this choice can be suboptimal.


    5. Playing the game - Ingame

    When a match starts, it is randomly decided which team will play as which game faction (e.g. Allies/Soviets, GDI/Nod, etc.).
    The system checks the ingame players' team affiliation and are switched to the appropriate faction.

    If the game is played in strict mode, anyone else joining the game (not affiliated with the 2 partaking teams) is forced to be a spectator. Otherwise, in non-strict mode, these players are distributed to even the teams.


    All of this can be changed by flagging players as mercenaries. Moderators can do this with the !merc command.
    If a player is a mercenary, they will fight for the faction the moderator chose them to fight for.

    Note: this is a way for someone to be hired by the enemy team for whatever reason and the only way to exit spectator status in strict mode.


    Clan leaders fighting for their own clan can call in reinforcements with the !reinforcements <number> ingame command (number is 1 if it is omitted), as long as they built a nearby War Factory and they have enough global credits to spend. The "number" parameter is limited by the maximum drop locations that are available for that map. Besides this command has a cooldown, this means that it can only be used once every minute and additionally, an admin may have set an extra limit for the maximum available reinforcements for each call, for the first minutes of a game since map start.

    The match goes on normally, the faction/team will win by completing the game objective defined on the played map (most common victory conditions are high score or destroying the enemy base).

    Effects on the map

    After each battle finished, the world map is updated. If the attacker team won, they take the country. If the defenders won, they keep it and the world map does not change.


    6. End of the game mode

    If a team has managed to conquer all of the countries in the region, they win. Alternatively, when the amount of rounds reaches the limit (e.g. 10 or 20) - then the team that owns the highest number of countries will win. It is possible to have multiple winners when they all have the same amount of countries.




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