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  • Volkov


    Cost: 1500

    Health: 100

    Armour: Steel

    Speed: Fast (7m/s)

    Primary Weapon: Hand Cannon (AT ammo)

    Secondary Weapon: Hand Cannon (AP ammo)

    Range: 90m (AT), 60m (shotgun), 100m (napalm)

    Role: Anti-Tank & Anti-Infantry

    Description: This legendary hero of the USSR gave his life and soul to protect the Motherland and, in an unprecedented world-first experiment, was resurrected as a cyborg to continue his service in the Red Army. A terror for any Allied soldier, or vehicle, Volkov is armed with a rapid-fire hand cannon and equipped with both anti-tank and anti-personnel ammunition. Using his special custom scope, he can use his weapons accurately at medium-to-long range. His reinforced frame and special training also leaves him resilient to fall-damage and invulnerable from the crushing treads of enemy tanks, and a special auto-repair system allows him to recover from some battle damage.

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