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  1. Hello everyone and Merry Christmas! Hope that you all had a great day, its been a while since our last update but its time for some Dune game news!

    Map Changes and Comparisons

    TeamWolf and the BFD team have been busy updating The Hagga Gulch and Tsimpo Village maps.
    Here are comparison shots of what they looked like before and where we're taking them!

    Hagga Gulch

    Starting with our Hagga Gulch map, notice the changes we made in the textures for the terrain compared to the old ones.






    As you may have noticed we have added new cliff pieces.

    We have also added additional tunnels with more capture points.

    Tsimpo Village

    Tsimpo Village has been completely redesigned, we've also updated the textures, cliffs and ruined houses!






    Also notice that we added extra cliffs covering the paths from the spawn zones, this is to prevent spawn killing.

    For The Duke!

    House Atreides will prevail for the Duke!

    That's it for the update, we hope you enjoyed the new updates on our maps!

    As always follow us at the greatest and latest over on  Facebook, catch us Tweeting @W3DHub on Twitter, catch up
    with everything else BFD over on IndieDB!

    Also be sure to join our discord server at Discord!

  2. 13 hours ago, Blujet said:

    I can fly the Yak fine, but the MiG is another story. Because of the ping from playing from NA, combined with the MiG's higher speed and worse handling characteristics compared to the Yak make it difficult to fly a MiG compared to the Yak. In addition, I think that the help section should also mention that the use of free aim allows for off-boresight targeting (there is probably a less jargony term for this that could be used though,) as until i figured it out myself, it made it nearly impossible to shoot something with the MiG while not crashing into the ground/water/trees/whatever else immediately afterwards.

    yeah so in conclusion, MIGS SUCK!.

    I much prefer the Yak because as you said the Yak is easier to handle overall, and what Ill add is that its easy to kill infantry with the Yak.

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