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  1. how would such a analysis be of any use? i think it would make more sense to open a topic of its own where people just say when they have time to play a few games and according to the majority of people who have replied, we could set a launcher news announcement with a givin time where people usually would be playing during the day. on the irc i've also noticed a few new faces who've joined during the time when the server is empty. what kind of impression would these people have of the game other than "meh, mod is dead -> uninstall".
  2. that's impossible though because he's always a spy. even when he plays for the soviets he's a secret spy.
  3. i haven't heard of that complaint. question is if it hurts to implement more key strategies which would lead to the allies victory. at the moment both maps play pretty much the same for the allied team: allied player buys spy, takes the flare and nukes whatever central building suits for cover, usually the refinery. the nuke either goes off and the allied team has won that match or the nuke gets disarmed and the soviets either win by points in the end or crush the allied team after several attacks. i have yet to see the allied team winning on zama by base destruction without the use of the flare. i remember that the map got overrun by tanya's and i don't really see such rushes in delta, i'm not sure why. so your argument that certain strategies would make a map more similar to another also falls on the spy infantry unit. nobody would argu lets remove the spy on missile silo maps to give equal chances on both teams so the map wouldn't play like other missile silo maps, although that sounds interesting. it's debatable if the gap really makes stuff harder to hit. if tanks reveal themself by shooting i could still snipe away in my v2. i think the support vehicles are good as they are. i only mentioned it in case they would get rebalanced aswell, but it doesn't look like it and it's not necessary imo.
  4. i only see it being used on bonsai to blackout the soviets to allow spies to deploy more well hidden flares. i think the MRJ could have a use on zama for the same purpose, but the bases already have a very big size with the pp featured on the map and the coil and gap gen. maybe we could replace the pp with a radar dome as that map gives a few good opportunities to hide the MRJ behind some cliffs or on the other side of the river. wasn't there even a dome on zama before? i have a very faded memory that it was there before, but maybe i'm think of a different map. in older versions people have also used the MRJ in RA_TheWoodsToday, despite the fact that it still required a driver in order to blackout the soviet radar. but if the MRJ will receive a credits/points tick then we should give the Mobile Gap Generator some love too. maybe a amount of credits giving for the amount of units that the driver of the MGG is hiding. that would encourage the driver to hide as many units as possible. the issue with this would be that we'll maybe then see multiple people using a MGG to hide another MGG players to farm credits, so maybe it could only reward the player, if a offensive unit is covered rather than other support units.
  5. i don't see that being an issue in delta. it maybe was earlier when not every map had a silo to supply the players with 2-4 credits every seconds, but in this version pretty much every map has a silo where credits are relevant. also is it even worth it to abuse the credits from healing? i think going out and shooting stuff or repairing the base would be more useful. about the points, i pointed that out because that's how i remembered it and it really seems unbalanced when 1 med/mech kills multiple vehicles and gets the bonus for the finishing blow plus mech repairing points. the thing with the mech now is that he's not that special anymore. he repairs so slowly that you hardly find any use for him as a driver and over all the sd seems so much cheaper now. in beta the sd really sucked you empty on the credits for repairs but in delta its maybe 250 credits for half the med health, so why should i spend 950 on a defenseless mech when i could pick a class that's actually useful when my vehicle dies? on last fissure i've tried the medic and ended up empty on my credits, so i don't see the point in using him either. it's just not rewarding enough to spend 500 credits on him.
  6. in previous versions the allied support classes such as the mechanic and medic earned a little bit of credits for healing or repairing other units. can we have this back please? for balance reasons they shouldn't earn point for healing, but they could at least earn back some credits to make playing them worthwhile. the old 'jump out and swing the wrench at your med during combat' strat got nerfed which makes the mech now more an support class in field, instead of a infantry class for drivers. unfortunately it's not really rewarding to get a mech and do repairs while your teammates earn all the vehicle kills and points recommendations during that game. speaking of recommendation's is there still the recommendation for repair points?
  7. correct me if i'm wrong, but wouldn't it be possible to fix the buggy icon appearance by making the w3dhub launcher scale the font size with the set resolution by making the launcher edit the stylemgr.ini file as the user sets a new resolution? that way we can ensure that the icons wont look messy on certain resolutions.
  8. the font from i believe it was the beta release is still being used ingame. will the vehicle, weapon and structure icons make a return at some point? I didn't really follow the devolopment after the gamma release, so could someone please explain why the font arts have been removed from the server kill announcements?
  9. hey, i would like to integrate APB to my steam client. Unfortunatly the game won't have the overlay if the game is started through the launcher. would someone please be so kind and give me the ip address to the server, so i can make a shortcut to the game itself and join through the parameter. C:\Program Files (x86)\W3D Hub\games\apb-release\game.exe +connect ip:port +NetPlayerName nickname
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