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  1. View File GDI Female Techi (Hotti) *It may be deleted* This is a custom skin for GDI Hotwire character made by 333ggg. Its looks more protected from tiberium, no open hands and even mask to protect her. I like it a lot and i guess you will like it too. Enjoy Submitter SBHBS Submitted 09/27/2021 Category Custom Textures  
  2. Version 1.0.0


    *** ATTENTION ******This skin can be considered a skin that gives advantages. In this regard, this skin can be removed if this is really the case. If this is the case, then you will also have to delete it. I myself love this skin, and I don't see any advantages here, and I personally don't want to remove it. I will and want to work with the administration and provide them with everything they need if they ask me, instead of hacking my computer.*** This is a custom skin for the GDI Hotwire character, created by 333ggg based on Threve GDI Tiberium Dawn skins. She looks more protected from Tiberius, no open hands and even a mask on her face to protect her. I really like it, and I think you will like it too. Enjoy
  3. Yea most of this changes is great, and i want to add one more.. Balance change or so. The resuply vehicles. They main role is to support infantry. I and some of my comrads thinks about it and came to point that Nod needs a better resuply armored vehicle. The point here is that GDI can kill every resuply vehicle in seconds if they dont have armor upgrade. And if Nod dont have needed funds for ezeks, then resuply vehicles and infantry deals with them and it work pretty good. Best example is great under, 2 meltas + BMD on tib field. Or lancer with rocket soldiers with BH LCG or doza. Nod have supporior AT infantry but they need good support for resuply. And i have idea. Make T35 resuply so it dont have its buff aura or smth propaganda like. Its Best siuts as support fat tank role. Slow, have guns to support infantry, suck a lot of damage. Best infantry can have as support for resuply. With this i think T35 will be more usfull and Nod have more infantry using potential over all. My second note, GDI need second resuply vehicle. AAV is just... Not that good. Sure it can swim, but it have no damage, long reload and die too fast if dont have armor upgrade. Soo, if possible, add one more resuply vehicle for GDI. I suggest resuply striker with minigun for price 800-1200. It will be great anty infantry and resuply support. + IA already have 2 strikers models for GDI. Now i want to say about GDI fitter recovery (M113 with rep gun). Fix it so it have full 360 turn rate and make angle bigger like Nod BRDM recovery. I really have no idea why it limited that way. Its great early or budget recovery support vehicle for both sides (it heal faster, have good armor and healt so it can take some hits, and if you push with good amout of tanks in formation, its Best im hold the groun. Mostly found that when play Ulake and we have great tank formation, even rail Mammoth Tanks sux a lot there.)
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