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  1. I'd like to see a bit more activity from everybody next time around, but i agree on the balance
  2. Even Irish, before his untimely death, Was reading Cop for Myself and Orange, Chopbam was nowhere to be seen
  3. He's been nothing but disruptive the whole game, trying to misdirect information, and claiming all the roles short of that we've not really played the game much. Pegging KY as scum and then not protecting your scum mate doesn't rule you out as a Scum player. If anything, it sounds like you jokingly said KY was scum then when it's happened you went with the "oh i called it guys hahahah!!!" I stand by my accusation of you being Scum. ##Vote Chopbam
  4. Well that paints me in a bad light Thanks for winning the game for scum, Irish.
  5. Howso? I've thrown a bunch of logic at the thread away from the shitposting and that makes me Scum?
  6. This will most likely be my last post before hammer due to timezones.
  7. If i was the Cop i'd try to cop the same person twice to see if they're the same result, as far as i know, the Lawyer can target the same person every night? Are we not posting random cop claims anymore? (reads Irish) I see, so there's no point anymore Here's hoping Like you said, cop claims are now insignificant, there are no more cops. So why would my "cop claim" be taken seriously in any way? you're all scum in my eyes! Mojoman thought he didn't post and made a ton of random posts at the start of today, explaining his previous nights posts, now this isn't me defending my pretend scum mate, but he's not exactly a reliable piece of information (Dude, you're crazy) Could it really be that easy? Who knows, Nobody has really been playing this game seriously until Day 3, The amount of shit posting has been ridiculous. We played a cop everybody scenario. Seeing as you're looking at Mojo, and we're day 4 now, you would assume that Mojo has either Town claimed each of his scum mates or not gotten any town claims on any scum mates. Chopbam didn't do much off your post apart from sacrifice his possible scum mate. Was retal Trolling? All signs point to who knows? Orange has honestly been more town then scum this game, and i'm going to, assume, that Retal is a silly bugger and was mucking with the town results to shit post. Based on that, It's either Irish (Who has been actually posting Town-Tables this game) - which points him more Town aligned in my eyes. There's me, But I know I'm Town. I've predicted both of my town "cops" and I'm happy to walk away with them correctly. I'm moving my Vote to Chopbam, He's been pretty shit-posty all game, not been really helping apart from "Ha! KY was scum! I predicted it!" ##Vote Chopbam
  8. lol, retal copped orange both nights so all of that information is useful, unless we take into consideration the lawyer role If he was protected Night 2 because of the Night 1 Mafia call, that would explain that. I copped Mojo last night and he came up as Mafia ##Vote Orange
  9. All we can really do is analyse what it was that she actually said, and make a judgement on that. The general consensus is that she was tunneling Irish, either for meta (Orange!) or other reasons I agree with the tunelling for Meta idea, but we've also only played the one game with her (endgame)
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