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  1. Brigitte

    Lol That's super Convenient of you Irish.
  2. Brigitte

    No i think Irish is scum.
  3. Brigitte

    You are yet to directly ask me to show a scyther up to battle directly. Doing so is also a scum move, which i'm sure you know, and an easy way to eliminate another pokemon from my arsenal.
  4. Brigitte

    Doesn't affect anything though He will get another pokecoin for winning and still be able to do whatever he was going to do anyway.
  5. Brigitte

    Can't prove i have a scyther until i battle Can't battle, because i'll get killed.
  6. Brigitte

    I've done nothing but be pro town all game, I even sacrificed a Pokemon for a double battle What more do you want from me to prove my allegiance? The fact that you keep grinding this axe makes me think you're also scum, but it doesn't make sense for 3 scum at this point in the game.
  7. Brigitte

  8. Brigitte

    You should always be prepared to battle I think he was ready.
  9. Brigitte

    I should've picked up an Abra
  10. Brigitte

    Because he thought today was a double battle and wanted to double psychic town
  11. Brigitte

  12. Brigitte

    Whos vote did you have?
  13. Brigitte

    3/4 not 4/4
  14. Brigitte

    Lets get this hammer done