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  1. I have not tried to reproduce it as I have no idea what caused it in the first place. I was on Winter Assault as a GDI spy running into the Nod base when the game crashed suddenly. I only uploaded it here because it prompted me to.
  2. crashdump.20200619-034211-r8404-n1.dmp.7z attached
  3. Can't believe I'm agreeing with you.
  4. This thread spiraled rather quickly.
  5. You're not a very good liar, terrific faggot though, pls keep whining. Randy was butthurt because I wouldn't let him take both tib trucks. Got one and he decided he was going to 'fuck GDI up' because he couldn't have both. But pls tell me more! [18:02:30] RandyMarsh: ok team hamper time [18:02:34] RandyMarsh: yes [18:02:37] RandyMarsh: he killed it [18:02:41] RandyMarsh: again [18:02:49] KholdX: prove it [18:02:53] RandyMarsh: its alright [18:02:57] RandyMarsh: ill fuck gdi up now [18:03:02] KholdX: someone might care [18:03:03] KholdX: lol [18:03:19] SilverSmurfer: only proves how big of a loser kuckhold is [18:03:52] Host: ErickGCH (ID: 3) requested to join server. [18:03:56] JO_MOMMA_USA: tt [18:04:01] Host: Shotgun, flamethrower, sniper rifle, ErickGCH is a master of them all, less the sleep -- it gets in the way of renegade! (379 recommendations) [18:04:02] JO_MOMMA_USA: mypeople [18:04:03] Host: ErickGCH has a total score of 1637841 and is ranked at position 54 out of 3841 players. [18:04:28] RandyMarsh: !lock [18:04:52] RandyMarsh: shield is up around agt just [18:04:53] RandyMarsh: rush [18:04:56] RandyMarsh: rush [18:04:58] RandyMarsh: rush
  6. [18:02:53] RandyMarsh: its alright [18:02:57] RandyMarsh: ill fuck gdi up now [18:05:29] [Private] JO_MOMMA_USA: everything ok whats going on over there [18:06:11] [Private] KholdX: just randy blocking AGT with shield
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