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Blog 178 (28/04/10)

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Hey everyone! Since the other bloggers aren't around and it's blogday, this time I'm going to do it.

With several staff members back into work after a few weeks pause (blame school/uni :)), the game you are all waiting for called Apocalype Rising has started rolling with a decent speed again.

Now you should seriously stop reading this because what you want is actually below this welcoming text.

You still reading? :)



<h3>Conscript update</h3>

The Conscript might not be strong alone in an open battlefield, but he will kick your a** in close quarters such as tunnels and building interiors. He is one of the most iconic infantry of the Soviets and will be the default starting one for each commie player.

Therefore he will get at least 3 different head variants: normal, an alternate mask version, and one without masks. Expect not to see too many clones of yourself ingame.



"For the Union!"


New, improved character mesh by One Winged Angel!


<h3>MP5k unwrapped</h3>

This weapon in wielded by the standard infantry unit of the Allied faction, the GI. It's a decent weapon, but not as powerful as the one that the GI can use when deployed. While moving he can not use the big Minimi Para properly, thus he carries this in motion.




Unwrap by chevy787!



<h3>Rocketeer's Jetpack Guns</h3>

The Rocketeer is a great scout unit as it's small, fast and can fly over objects that other units usually have to go around. When it comes to dealing with Soviet units, he uses a pair of Talon Flechette Launchers. It is effective vs infantry, light vehicles and aircraft, but not too good against armoured targets.



"Clear out the place!"

Original jetpack by rm5248, guns reworked by Poggel!


<h3>Team Messages</h3>

OWA has handed his coursework in, and has resumed progress on the Conscript!

Danpaul88 is collecting assets to stick into our next test build.

Poggel has finished work on the Rocketeer's jetpack guns and has moved on to spice up his jetpack.

Chevy787 is unwrapping the GI's MP5k weapon.

Dtrngd is still modeling objects in the Soviet Radar Tower.

Guywithawrench is texturing the Allied Nighthawk.

Occult is finishing the Chronoshift-out effect for the Chrono Miner.

TeamWolf is working on a map :D

rm5248 and cfehunter are both getting drawed away by school and coursework.



<h3>Random video</h3>


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Sorry, the days of glorious Sparta are over.





That's all for this week ladies and mentlegen. I hope you are satisfied with your weekly dose of AR.

Check here next week for more updates!

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