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Squid Empire

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Mr. Ekman is on a mission to recover to recover a detonator from a crashed GDI Dropship that was supposed to be demolished at Hammerfest. The detonator was originally used in a cold-war era nuclear device that had just recently been uncovered in Russia. GDI transported it by train to Moscow from where it was supposed to be airlifted to Hammerfest. On the way, an ion storm struck and forced the dropship to make a landing, however, the landing was unsuccessful and therefore, the craft crashed.

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To ease people's concerns a bit and help out anyone who doesn't have time to write their segment which could get cast away if it doesn't make the cut, I'd advise any suggestion giving approach to be viable. Including random ideas, feature lists, plain notes, full paragraphs and anything that contributes.

A neat scene would be for the buggy patrol to run into a line of dug-in deployed tick tanks that have seemingly frozen over at an outer defense perimeter. Due to a low amount of troops that far out, the ticks could have been abandoned for some reason. Later, once you show the reader the gun, he'll expect it to be fired at some point, per popular saying. Which is where the frozen tick tank line can come to play later on in some form - lets say they get hijacked by a nomad shiner group with a particular agenda, or some defecting Nod forces heat them up and use them to keep the sanctum forces within the inner defense line while they set up shop on the outskirts. Maybe there's a particular tiberium formation-like artifact of interest somewhere in some caverns below.

I'm also sure Squid's on top of reorganizing the first post whenever a new chapter gets finalized. Use of spoilers is a great option to keep it clean. :)

Additionally, for another huge TS fan story, you can draw inspiration from this old thing which actually connected itself quite nicely and unexpectedly into a certain TS mission as its conclusion.

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Okay well thanks DH... I guess. I should make is clear I'm looking for short suggestions - ideally ideas like Nodlied posted. While it's nice you put so much effort into this I'm afraid I'm going to have to disregard most of what you posted. I have another chapter in the works but I'm also in mid-semester exam block (fun!) so it might be a few more days before I post anything.

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  • 4 weeks later...

After a longer wait then half life 3, here's chapter two!



Already it seemed they had been driving for weeks. The frigid outside remained a featureless white, and the steady roar of the engines persevered. Of course it was better that the GDI ship had crashed so far from the Sanctum, but it meant that the small team Ekman had at his disposal was on its own: no reinforcements would be coming. Ekman was not an action hero. His hands grimly gripped the roll bar above his seat as the buggy shuddered across rocks and snow. His driver’s face meanwhile was fixed in a solid grin, eyes darting back and forth, as he pushed the buggy to it’s limits. The buggy radio clicked on “This is McInnis, Sir we’ve got a few vehicles ahead, I believe they’re ours, they’re not responding on any known frequency though over”

Ekman snatched the radio; “Halt all units!”

Shredded snow flew through the sky as the buggies all slammed to a halt. Ekman and a collection of infantry lept out and ran over to the lead buggy. The air was calm and was beginning to heat up and the horizon was receding. Corporal Lloyd from McInnis’s buggy was waiting for them when they caught up to the lead buggy. “Where are they?” Ekman called out. Lloyd pointed over the nearby embankment. Pulling his binoculars Ekman began scanning the area.

Amid the remains of a small forest he spotted it, a small group of three red painted Tick Tanks. All three were in deployment, oriented upward. Ekman remained looking at the tanks. There was no movement, but he spotted some signs of struggle; discarded weapons, some small craters. Ekman put the binoculars down. “Sir? There’s no one there, should we move on?”
“No Corporal. Which of you men have anti-tank launchers?” One of the soldier stepped forward and shouldered a large rocket launcher.
“Destroy those tanks soldier.” The soldier quickly aimed and released the rocket, which spiralled lazily off into the distance. A resounding thud followed as the Tick Tanks were obliterated in a hail of slush and metal. “We can’t have our units falling into enemy hands. All hands return to your vehicles, we have a dropship to inspect.” The soldiers ran back to their buggies, Sinon focused and distant. Roaring back to life the buggies toar onwards, not much further now.


The soldier groaned and blinked his eyes. He was alive! His breath echoed in his helmet, muffling the sounds outside. He held it, and heard fire. Attempting to get up he felt pressure on his stomach. Rising to an elbow he saw he was pinned down by some rent metal debris. He shifted it off and held his breath again. Gritting his teeth he struggled to stand. Crying out in pain he finally stood, and cried out again. Tears welling in his eyes he felt his shirt was damp, and raised his hands to his visor. Coated in blood, he blinked hard and looked around himself. Gravity had done a thorough job, the dropship lay in useless pieces around him. He also saw a few of his crewmates. They were undoubtedly dead. He felt his armour over. It was torn and shredded, he found his wound too; a knife sized piece of shrapnel on a shallow angle embedded in his collarbone. He tapped his helmet, no EVA. He was in this alone. Gritting his teeth once more, he decided he’d have to scavenge any medical supplies left intact. He took a tentative step forward and winced as his shin cried out in pain. Another step and he came face to face with a… rifle? “Oh kill him already” and then a shot. The soldier fell limp, and the Nod team exchanged a few chuckles. Ekman ignored them and scanned the debris. Hardly anything remained intact. McInnis strode up beside him. “Sir, it might be a good time to tell us what we’re looking for.”
“Very well sargent. Gather round men!” The soldiers formed a circle around Ekman, who stepped atop the recently dead GDI soldier. “We’re here because this is the remains of the GDI Europa Dropship. Europa was carrying something important from history, a museum piece Kane himself is interested in acquiring; a old Soviet nuclear detonator which we believe is still active, and which we know operates active nuclear warheads. Too bad for GDI Europa here an ion storm ruined their plans. This is all of no concern to you though. What you’re looking for is a small metal briefcase, maybe chained to one of these men.” He kicked the body below him for effect;
“Now get looking.”

The soldiers fanned out, and began kicking the debris around, searching for a metal briefcase. Ekman motioned McInnis to follow him and headed towards the largest piece of debris. The two arrived at the twisted hunk of GDI-brown metal, which revealed itself to be the cockpit. “Sargent what downed this craft was an Ion storm right?”
“Yes sir?”
“Well we don’t want that to happen to us, so I want you to report our success back to the sanctum, and then immediately ready the buggies to return.”
“Sir, but what if we don’t find th-”
“I already have it.” Ekman raised the case from behind the hunk of metal he was standing at. “Scientific objects are always stored in the fore emergency oxygen tanks. I had the troops move out just in case any other GDI men survived. Now go send that message.”

“Right away sir!”
McInnis jogged back to the parked buggies while Ekman surveyed the case. It was old all right, covered in scratches and grazes. He could make out some writing on top, in cyrillic. A sudden gust of wind made him look up again. He saw a group of his men running towards him. Before he could react his earpiece exploded: “Sir! Sir! The situation has changed!”




What's changed? Is it good or bad? Maybe something happened back at base?

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