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Red Sun RTS (c&c-like mobile game)

Red Sun RTS  

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Official trailer is under spoiler:


(For those who are interested: that melody is from my album Imaginery Frontiers which is very cool cosmic album and is a gift to Frank Klepacki for his amazing music and support)

Official music is under spoiler:



"This game is designed for fans of old school Command & Conquer. But we decided to bring this universe to mobile devices. We try to show as much as possible in the game the same thing that was in Red Alert 2. We again touched on the subject of the Alliance and the Soviet Union. The game's plot is simple, and the confrontation begins."


This cheap game brings back old-school real-time voxel strategy, and it is designed to play on almost any mobile device with Android 4 or iOS installed. Also available as PC-version for VKontakte social network and for Steam. Its successor is Expanse RTS. Both games have multiplayer 1 vs 1, units with their own positive and negative sides, dynamic battles, interesting missions, bonuses that you can get by completing the mission, periodical updates... just great videogame to play! So, what do you think? =)

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This videogame is now in Steam Store!
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I remember playing this one one or two years ago on my ancient phone (which has long given up). It was definitely worth a try. I enjoyed it.

(Would it be possible to play this with the APK on an Amazon Fire?)

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4 hours ago, NoSoldier said:

(Would it be possible to play this with the APK on an Amazon Fire?)

Likely. It will more depend on whether or not you can control it without touching it, not whether or not it will actually install and run (because it really has no reason not to).

Nice looking game! I may have to give it a go!

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New playable faction has been added to the game (video is under spoiler), also there are new voices recorded by fans of this mobile game, including frag messages from Quake 3, new balance features, and so on. It looks like this RTS became a classic sport standard for mobile real-time strategies. I am planning to compose special music for japanese faction, not sure when it will be available, but developers already allowed me to do that for Red Sun RTS.

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