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ECW Patch has been released!

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[blurb]Double favorite vehicles and improved AI for Pets and MDGs![/blurb]

New Stuff:
• You can now favorite two vehicles!
• Pets will now open doors to your home instead of destroying them.
• Greatly improved the AI for the Mobile Defense Gun, it now will not attack your own pets.
• Mobile Defense Guns won’t will not attack vehicles you (or other players depending on what setting you have it on) are currently in.
• Mobile Defense Gun now use the player name instead of the player ID, this will prevent them from befriending incorrect players after you leave the server and someone else joins with your player ID.
• Redid the object sync code, it should now complete syncing all the objects before the player leaves the spawn room, so hopefully players will no longer be able to see the objects pop into proper position.
• Ballista and Mobile Flak Truck are now on the random vehicles list.
• Ballista, Pirate Ship, Mobile Flak Truck, and several aerospace vehicles will now show up on the desert death match map.
• Tweaked the points at which the speed alarms go off for the Stuka and the Shilone so players aren’t tricked into thinking they’re going to slow when they can still go much slower.
• Removed the camera collisions from the street signs.
• Increased the purchase delay for the pirate ship, should help prevent players from buying two on top of each other.
• Removed the plasma ceiling guns from the advanced weapons room, this should make it more of a stealth mission.
• Mobile Defense Gun has had its price bumped from $1,000.00 to $5,000.00.
• Improved how the disconnect code triggers, this should improve the PIN screen (there have been a few issues that randomly force players to reenter their pin number, hopefully this will be fixed now).

Bug Fixes:
• The rewrite of the sync code potentially make it more stable, but I doubt the crash that could have happened ever did.
• Pirate Ship is now immune to EMP effects.
• Pirate Ship’s sink animation no longer collides (so the player will now fall into the water when it dies correctly).
• Pirate ship passengers will no longer be stuck in the floor.
• Pirate ship z entry marker is now visible on the outside of the ship.
• Fixed the spelling of the Vacant Building.
• Fixed a bug with the favorite weapons code that would cause your favorite weapons phone numbers not to show up if you didn’t have them favorited in order (IE if you had slots 0 1 and 3 used you wouldn’t see 3 in the list).
• All favorite weapons phone numbers will now correctly allow you to add them to the redial number (and have a description).
• The AI mountain lion on the ski hill will no longer take falling damage, I’m hoping this will keep it from dying all the time.
• All cash registers in the movie theater now work.
• Rotated desert flak cannon once again in hopes that it won’t dump you into the ocean anymore.

Note: Several records were also reset.

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5 minutes ago, TK-421 said:

Could you make it so that disasters will happen more often as they tend to make thing more exiting?

Next up the M8_Greyhound,  Renault_FT and the HUMVEE with the TOW antitank missile

Reduced max disaster time from 5 hours to 3.

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I like the work on the new patch  great work I like seeing new games progress I have good hopes for this game I see it will become one of the popular games soon maybe  GOOD WORK 

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