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Battlezone Combat Commander

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available on Steam and GOG

yeah its.... its a thing now...... the entire series has now officially been remastered thanks to the sexy boys at Rebellion.....

its 10% off ($17.99 USD) for the next day or so, so uh... yeah.. pick it up and have a nostalgia boner the likes of which you've never seen before.....

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On 3/3/2018 at 12:11 PM, MPRA2 said:

Oh, thank you so much, and to Rebellion with BBI too, did not know the remake of Battlezone 2 has been released! I am a very huge fan of Battlezone Combat Commander and Battlezone Forgotten Enemies. By the way, the idea to make C&C Commando Assault has come from... Battlezone 2, of course! ?

I have two versions of old Battlezone 1998, and I also have Battlezone 1998 on Steam. Two first old latest versions I downloaded for free, when Ken Miller, official programmer of Battlezone 1998, helped community with the latest patches. I am still in their community, they know me as a composer of alternative soundtrack. I still like this game, even if I am not playing it actively.

What about Battlezone 2... it was fun to work on scripts for it (yep, I am a scripter of Battlezone too!), I really love editing in Battlezone 2 and its friendly interface, made few mods with massive battles on them, where over 200 pilots and tanks were fighting each other while sometimes freezing my weak PC into BSOD with 5-10% probability, lol (well, it was weak, now it can handle even more). At the time, I decided to make a remake of Command & Conquer on its engine, but after couple of troubles I decided to go back to Westwood 3D and make my mods there.

Battlezone Forgotten Enemies deserves a separate topic, so I don't need to talk about it much, but few words will be appropriate. It has good story and hardcore campaign, improved Multi-player Instant Action mode, rich variety of tactics, and of course, graphics. Made entirely by the community, and that's great. In those days, graphics was wow.

But these days, it is even more wow-er, so I am going to buy it. The memories, MPRA2, good memories! =D

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