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VOTE for Battle For Dune: War Of Assassins at the IndieDB ; Indie of the Year 2018 Competition

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Hey guys.

The Second Phase of the Competition started a few days back and we are proud to announce that we reached the TOP 100! This wouldn't be possible at all without every single one of you this year, but also the previous years, let's keep it up!

But the Spice must flow, so let's hit the TOP 10 in the Upcoming Games category, I wanted to aim for #1 but Wolf said that's unfair for the others 😕 

You can vote in general on as many games as you want and we would appreciate it a lot o/ 

3 Days are left till the Indie of the Year Competition ends so be sure to vote for Battle For Dune quickly at: https://www.indiedb.com/games/battle-for-dune




To round this up, many thanks to all the ones who have backed us up all these years for the Development of Battle For Dune: War of Assassins, but also the ones who voted for us every year, again and again. We can't thank you enough as there is only so much Spice to share. Till the next one!


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Stalk us on Twitter @W3DHub

Watch our best fails over on YouTube

Join me and the Impatiently but oh so more hyped community at our Discord

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