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  1. Another year, another harvester lost.Hi and welcome to Battle For Dune in 2019! First of all, thank you to all for their patience, it wasn't easy to keep you guys waiting for any news or word from us, but neither is coming up with any news or word without TeamWolf getting mad at me for spoiling some 'big surprise' , but more about that later. I know some of our co-staff here at W3D can be some cranky old men, hence in case they didn't already, at least you can say now you got the best wishes from the Battle For Dune team to all and everyone, yes even to the Ordos. At least we will be
  2. Hey guys. The Second Phase of the Competition started a few days back and we are proud to announce that we reached the TOP 100! This wouldn't be possible at all without every single one of you this year, but also the previous years, let's keep it up! But the Spice must flow, so let's hit the TOP 10 in the Upcoming Games category, I wanted to aim for #1 but Wolf said that's unfair for the others 😕 You can vote in general on as many games as you want and we would appreciate it a lot o/ 3 Days are left till the Indie of the Year Competition ends so be sure to vote for Battle
  3. November Development Update: 'Weapons of Assassins' Hey guys, it is me again and welcome back to Dev Blog #131 of Battle For Dune: War of Assassins! Last time we covered a great many things, primarily making sure you guys were all caught up on where we are now and where we're going. To continue building on that, in this update we will cover a part of the Arsenal that will be at your disposal soon/tm/. As well as touching on the upcoming Maps that are in progress, and their different variations! Lastly we have Team Death Match, a brand new Game mode coming to Battle For Dune, yes it s
  4. ^ That, let Petroglyph Develop it and EA can then Publish it *Get's flashbacks to the early 2000's* , oh wait... And don't fix what's not broken as others already said.
  5. These are my two cents on the 'Remaster/Revive' C&C Project by EA. First of all, i actually don't want it. With all due respect to any respectable Developer, EA has already done enough damage to Westwood/EA L.A./C&C In general. Are killing franchises and Studios alike left and right. I rather have C&C stay dead as it is. At least it's history and Origins are as good as ever. With EA touching that as well in 2018 again, I fear the worst. Moving on from there. This is the following that I find important in a Remaster for C&C. 1: The best way to Remaster
  6. A little introduction... Hi guys, I am the new guy in the town. I recently joined the PR Department for W3D Hub assigned to Battle For Dune, yes that means I will have to answer all the questions you may come up with, while keeping up a lovely smile, isn't that great! 😄 Anyhow, as the new Community Manager for Battle For Dune I will be working on getting news and content you guys to look forward to, every month! This is just the first of our restructured schedule and planning. We are aiming at to release these Development Updates at the end of every month from now on. (Oh
  7. As many as it will take for you to use one post for your question instead of two for one 🙂
  8. Looks great, I doubt I would want player controlled Worms in the game but still a nice feature. Hope you guys read my message I sended ^^. Keep up the good work!
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