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Red Virus (videogame)

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This is a music from one videogame which was made and then canceled by Fuzzy Games studio. Their proposal to make some music for the game sounded simple and unexpected in 2016. But I agreed with that proposal, and made a funny experiment while I was working on music for C&C-series and for my personal album Imaginery Frontiers, so I've tried to make something different from that. There was a detailed list of what needs to be done in terms of music, and I completed more than a half of it. I did not try even a demo of Red Virus, so I did not know how does it look like inside. But when I saw a video (which is under a spoiler)... well, I think it does fit it well)) And I still remember this comment:

the best on this game is the trailer music

As community manager said, the graphics should be improved later. I am not an active gamer, so the concept of this game reminds me a bit of Chip's Challenge, but this game is way more different.

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